The impact of the top-level domain 301 Redirect to the level two domain name after the WWW domain name

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As stationmaster, more or less will know such common sense, then Baidu and other domestic search engines will be two-level domain name as a new site to treat, and Google and other foreign search may be the two-level domain name as a site of the directory to treat, but although the attitude is different, using the two-level domain From included to have the flow will have a gradual process, will not easily inherit the weight of the domain name.

To continue to say common sense, we all know that a. com domain name of the top form is, and our internet was originally known as the World Wide Web (WWW), so the conventional, we value domain name, search engine is the same; If the front is not www, not that the domain name is not from the Internet, but is called a level two domain name. From this we can see that the level two domain name is from the top-level domain name, and the top-level domain name more or less will have some implications.

The problem arises here, since the search engine more value with the WWW domain name, many netizens will be the top-level domain 301 redirect to the domain name with the WWW, access to the top-level domain name will automatically jump to the domain name with the WWW, while the weight of the top-level domain will be passed to the domain name with www, Top-level domain names are rarely ranked in search engines. If at this time we set up through the two domain name site, content and the main station is completely different, then the site will not because the weight of the top-level domain is passed away and make the site hard to produce weight?

Here's the question, the main reason is two reasons, the search engine mentioned above will take the level two domain name as the new station, without special consideration to the 301 redirect such situation, if it is 302 redirect or not directed, may be more in line with the actual situation; reason two is completely different content of the website, will not be ignored because the subject content is too different and has 301 redirects.

Because this time I am ready to use the two domain name construction website, but own top-level domain name already 301 redirects, therefore will have this kind of entanglement. Considering that the experiment is the only standard of testing truth, so many have verified a large number of two-level domain name site, the following is a simple verification of the results (to avoid more links, unified in Chinese name).

Prerequisite: The website top-level domain name and with the WWW domain name content is same, simultaneously has many two level domain names

301 Redirect: Every customer sincerity goods, American Regiment net, NetEase, Gao Peng Net, Tudou, net, common people net, beginning Chinese etc.

302 Redirect: Tencent, Sina, Sohu, Taobao, handle nets, Youku, cool 6, more play nets, a shop, etc.

No orientation: Jingdong Mall, Xun nets, mop nets, Dangdang, A5 webmaster network, webmaster home, etc.

From the results above we can see that, whether it is 301 redirect, or 302 redirect, or no orientation, there are many well-known sites, and the premise of these sites are top-level domain names and with the WWW domain name exactly the same content; 301 redirects will not affect the level two domain name, because we still have a few questions not completely resolved.

Question one: We can roughly find 301 redirected sites, the development of the better are group buying sites, classified information sites, as for all customers prudential products, Tudou, two domain name search engine weight is not high; As to why group buying websites and classified information sites are not Possible reasons include the content of the home page of such a website is not much richer than the content of other level two domain name website.

Question two, we can continue to find that the well-known portal sites are almost 302 redirect or no orientation, and these portal sites of the two-level domain name development is very good, more importantly, SEO research is very profound webmaster network has no 301 redirect.

Thus, the individual speculated that 301 redirect after the content is not very rich or content has a big difference in the level two domain name has certain impact, this is speculation, for reference only, if there is a shortage of hope to understand; if the preparation of top-level domain name has 301 redirect, then do not recommend the construction of the content is not rich level two domain name Web site, If there is no orientation or 302 redirects, the impact may be much less. This article is provided by the love Not Net (, reprint share Please specify, thank you!

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