The inseparable source of the beauty industry and network Marketing

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In our country, network marketing started relatively late, is from 1996 only began to be tried by major enterprises, then the use of the network is relatively small, and the Chinese beauty industry in 2002 years just officially rise, it is fortunate that in the beauty industry is just the beginning of the stage is the rapid development of the network stage. It seems that the beauty industry is also just on the internet Marketing Express.

One, from yesterday to see the beauty industry and network marketing is inseparable from a source

Beauty industry: The beauty industry actually originated in ancient Egypt, has a very long history, the fastest development in the Tang Dynasty, all know that the Tang dynasty has a beautiful woman "Empress Dowager Cixi" she is very attention to maintenance, but the development of the beauty industry to a certain extent also reflects the various periods of the political, economic, cultural rise and fall. But the real beauty industry started in 2002, and the beauty market grew more than 20% in previous years. In the early 80 's, the beauty industry was mostly the most traditional mode of operation. From the age of chemistry to the age of natural plants.

Network Marketing: According to data statistics 1997 to 2000 is the beginning of China's network marketing, many other industries began to pay attention to E-commerce, in the 2000 to 2011 Network Marketing market began to form gradually, beauty industry has begun to network marketing market. At the beginning only large-scale beauty enterprises have a personal enterprise station, the development of beauty products in the major BtoB platform sales.

Second, from today to see the beauty industry and network marketing is inseparable from the source

Beauty industry: Now the beauty industry itself is a relatively dispersed resource industry, almost including the various aspects of people's lives. Eat, row, live, play, each is a very big industry. Therefore, beauty becomes the integrator of all kinds of resources. Beauty salons are an important service provider for these resource aggregates. At present, most of the beauty enterprises in China mainly by family-style dominant position, beauty companies in management, talent, brand and so on, lack of obvious competitive advantage, even in the country 240 on the scale of beauty salon franchise brand, well-known brands are also very few.

Network Marketing: Now the network marketing has increased a lot of promotional methods, the interactive nature of the network so that customers can truly participate in the entire marketing process, from the 2006 Ma Yun Taobao Mall began, this sign of growing, the beauty industry is not far behind, there are a lot of makeup products sit on the internet for sale, Beauty Enterprises also implanted the concept of brand marketing, like Esoudy such an excellent brand, not only has a high visibility, but also a better reputation. All aspects of all-round development Esoudy enterprise information.

Third, from tomorrow to see the beauty industry and network marketing is inseparable from a source

Beauty industry: The franchise chain operation is expected to become a major mainstream of beauty industry, from the operation of the beauty industry will be from a single gradually to the integration, standardization, large-scale management in the industry recognized. Beauty agencies will also gradually turn into computer network Marketing mode to operate. Beauty sites are now in development mode innovation. There are two trends in the future, one is the emergence of a strong integration of various resources of the Web site, which may require strong integration capabilities and financial needs, but also take a long time. Another direction, is the emergence of a unique characteristics of the vertical Web site, the beauty and virtual community combined, created out of the online interactive type of Web site.

Network Marketing: With the development of China's network marketing, there will be more and more enterprises will establish their own website, through the NNT traffic network to find their target customers, no longer like the traditional way of marketing the net in the sky. The Network huge consumer group, has provided the broad space for the network marketing. Network Marketing folding to the trans-temporal nature of the "heavy artillery shells" is undoubtedly the most important in the future marketing.

From the existing beauty site to analyze, most of them are based on the pattern to survive, the profit model is relatively single, daily life in the cracks. Mainly rely on technical means to provide information, community, search and other services, there is no way to really appear all kinds of resource aggregation of functional sites. There are some sites, has begun to the chain of information integration, but has not been deep into the chain is really the key link. Integrated network operation and beauty industry development analysis, China's beauty industry network marketing is still in the initial stage of development, but the growth potential is very large.

Article by Esoudy Beauty Salon Franchise Organization ( network Operations Department published

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