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With the gradual maturation of the market of talent network, the operation means of the talent network gradually matured. And in many operations, not all of the methods are suitable for the time period of the site. In the appropriate period of time to choose the right operation key, can let the talent network operation with less effort, gradually grow.

Website Start period: Do the basic construction well

The beginning of the website is a very important step, we must do a complete market research, which includes the division of the site industry, competitor analysis, the market has defects, the strengths they can make. And then based on their own survey ideas with the site to achieve, although the site can be in the operation of continuous improvement. However, in the current market, your infrastructure should be as good as your competitors to better stand on the heel.

Pre-site operation: The construction of talent pool, search engine optimization

When the site infrastructure has been completed, do not rush to find business to talk about cooperation. A shell-like site, will not have any business fancy you. In the eyes of enterprises, the most important thing is the size of the talent pool. So, the first step is to expand their pool of talent. Because the initial site is not well-known, you can through the Local Forum talent plate (basically now the local forum has to recruit the plate for users to find work), contact users to collect resumes. On the other hand, seize the graduates, especially local universities, secondary schools, colleges, technical school and so on. Can join QQ Group, forum and so on, because just graduated are anxious to find a job, this part of the resume is the easiest to collect.

Search engine optimization should also start at this moment, because the SEO needs time will be effective, so the website is completed, the sooner the better. The main keywords are "xx talent network", "XX recruitment network" mainly. Just go up, resume don't worry, naturally have job seekers to fill in the resume. At the same time this will be the site's most Word-of-mouth a sign, convincing enterprises to pay the reassurance. Although we do not know you, but the basic knowledge of Baidu, Baidu on the first search is you, it is indeed trustworthy.

Website rise period: Expand underground influence, integrate human resources

Adhere to the above basic operations, the site will be greatly developed. But this development also has certain bottleneck. This bottleneck mainly stems from: resumes basically from the network, but the network of talent focused on young people, white-collar, network technicians more. Skilled workers, month sister-in-law, such as the demand for large personnel is not enough. There is another problem is that you build the fame, basically survive on the network, those enterprises are not every day on the network, do not know you this site, you go to find cooperation, others have not heard, talk about cooperation.

So, with the foundation, we must go to the underground to promote. This time, pick the focus on the line, because the site has a certain foundation, as long as the site can open the reputation on the line. Can choose the bus advertising, or the right amount of billboards, so that enterprises can see on the line. And talent, can rely on the industrial area to issue leaflets, or with the underground some intermediary agencies to work on the line.

Website Stable period: Perfect website service, find enterprise cooperation

Of course the service and business cooperation is from before you can start. However, this time to do is not the same, because the site has been basically stable, the future of the site, resources, manpower and so on are already clear. The original SEO and customer service, service and enterprise services can be gradually divided into departments management. Again according to the user's demand, open in addition to QQ telephone consultation and so on. And in this period to find business cooperation, success rate is not the same.

Website maturity: Carry out online job fairs and other activities

Although it is a network of talent, but the talent network is also for offline services. Job fairs on the one hand can greatly enhance the visibility of the site, on the other hand can help companies find talent to complete their own required indicators. Of course, the job fair is not at any time can be carried out, as long as through the front of those are the period of development, accumulated sufficient resources to open up. In the conduct of job fairs, but also with local schools, the talent market, can greatly reduce the cost of their own needs.

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