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The little Beast remembers talking to a potential client about their keyword optimization, and that's what we're talking about.

Customer: "I want each of these keywords to be ranked in Baidu first"

Me: "I think this is a good long-term goal, but you are very competitive with these preferred keywords, and some big websites are competing for these keywords, they will be hard to beat." ”

Customer: "So what are we going to do?"

Me: "When we have identified these preferred keywords, we should also incorporate some different forms of keywords, like some question-and-answer keywords, and long tail keywords, so we can build your overall presence and keep your site traffic."

Customer: "But we are only interested in doing the ranking of these preferred keywords because the money is there." ”

Me: "I fully understand, but as I said earlier, these keywords are focused on optimization." Over time, but we can not ignore the direct and long-term potential, there are some new keywords.

Customer: "We just want to rank these preferred keywords." Why waste our time doing other keywords? "

I think there will be the same as I seoer, met such customers and their requirements, which is why I recorded this dialogue, today the beast to tell you how to complete the keyword optimization. Everyone knows the basic SEO, not only can understand the importance of keywords, while emphasizing the keyword varieties. Some customers directly identify some keywords, but they do not know that they will miss more key love you times, I think it is my job as their SEO partners to help them understand why keyword diversity is very important.

If you are a website owner and are only staring at a short list of keywords, no matter how profitable you are, you can't take care of it. With these keywords, there are three reasons why keyword diversity is so important to your SEO and long-term online success:

1. Reach a wide audience.

Not everyone is looking for the same thing in the same way. For example, someone might look for "seo" or "SEO is what", most likely they are looking for the same information. Search engines are more and more adept at identifying synonyms and using them to create search results, but a key keyword, can extend a lot of keywords, a search engine drop-down box and related search can not all examples of these hidden secondary keywords. So we have to find a variety of keywords for the site, for their own site to find more viewers.

2. The long tail keyword is more specific to the user's search.

Every software company in the world wants to "software" this keyword to do the first page; There is no doubt that it will bring thousands of traffic. But not every software company selling the same software and "software" is a generic search term that doesn't really mean anything. Computer software may be the most obvious choice, but someone can look for SEO software, music recording software, phone software, how to fix software when it crashes, and so on. Yes, "software" may allow thousands of users to browse to your site, but your SEO goal should be to make more of the right visitors to the site, not just these less accurate traffic. The use of long tail keyword theory can be a good solution to this problem, when people search with long tail keyword, usually will find a better match for their site. You want to let these people into your site, you can get their business!

3. Richer keywords can provide more abundant anchor text to the website.

Often see such sites, page anchor text is not rich, in the writing article layout keyword, always that a few keywords, anchor text is extremely monotonous, it is easy to let search engine think is the optimization over, so when we find more keywords, we can pick the keyword optimization at any time, thus prompting the whole site keyword ranking. A variety of keywords makes your site more professional.

So I generally tell the customer site main keyword optimization is very important, but you can not only look at its optimization, or from the overall view of the site. In order to achieve a website SEO long-term goal.

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