The three inspirations of the mother-infant enterprise by Blog marketing and Plastic Word-of-mouth

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A good blog can form an independent sales channel and maintain a customer relationship platform, simple blog more humane, than the brochure-type Enterprise station more dynamic, because no one customer know that the back end of the blog is a frog prince or Jurassic Park dinosaur, but he can actually feel the opposite sitting a person, Sitting in the space of his reverie, a good imagination and mystery can increase the curiosity of the potential audience. Curiosity is like a small seed after a rain, always slowly take root and bear fruit.

General Blog Release related soft articles or industry-related topics, more can attract potential users onlookers. After the blog accumulated to a certain user group to watch, it formed a fixed potential group, such a fixed group of potential customers is your first viral marketing seed.

If you take the blog as you vent xiesifen Personal self-appreciation of the place, then the final result, the blog will be like a dozen puffed machine watermelon, a bowl of concentrated liquid to the taste thousand ramen noodles, all the reader can not hurt! Never use your reader as a monkey, just like the American bus can easily destroy the Land Rover, They protect their children because they don't know who will someday become president of the United States, because you do not know who will someday become your buyer, so the enterprise's blog in the maintenance process, must concentrate on careful care, it is like a love letter, passed to the customer (lover) is not only sweet words, or an everlasting agreement.

A good blog is the enterprise product sales of a channel is also a distributor, you can save a sum of channel construction costs, become a marketing tool. This sharp weapon day long see heart, can let you form a strong sales backing. Know how to control the timing of the enterprise he will build a strong blog marketing team, with the knowledge and patience of marketing team to earn more Word-of-mouth and sales force.

2010 I contact the mother and infant industry, my milk powder brand customers want to expand the market, but it happens to catch up with the domestic market, milk powder industry in the downturn questioned the domestic famous brand milk powder suffered a huge trust crisis. Then some of the various milk powder events brought great impact, even the dairy giants can also be a huge dispute. And I took over the foreign brand, the previous marketing strategy than the traditional, most of the time to use the traditional ads with some of the mother and infant industry exhibition, for the domestic depressed market how to break through a greater channel, so that the brand began to seize the loss of the domestic brand part of the mental resources?

Strong media offensive recommendations are bound to incur unnecessary stigma and attack, and domestic, especially the female market for all kinds of milk powder produced a variety of concerns. And we take over the brand and catch up with the change of brand packaging design, the key point is that the original brand name has also been replaced, is a new listing, which means that the original brand cohesion will also face loss. So in this lean brand birth, we cooperate with offline advertising to develop a new marketing strategy, trial marketing to start, we are in good faith posture to show new brands, for the mother group of doubts to pay.

In the major maternal and child types of sites, our mother and child industry grass-roots experts, the attitude of well-known experts opened up 10 marketing blog columns, and invited the major mother and child name Bo launched a knowledge promotion marketing, column content We do not provide any information about our own brand recommendation, the use of media PR began a large number of recommendations related to the soft text, Another kind of packaging that takes mother's doubts as its own brand core attributes. This is like a person sick, he went to the pharmacy to buy medicine, decide whether he bought that kind of medicine factor, one is the product's own name rate second is the pharmacy customer service recommendation. The naming rate of the former comes from the advertisement transformation, the latter's recommendation rate comes from the trust and the benefit to the customer service personnel.

In the process of blog marketing, we have the mother group of the most concerned about the topic of writing relevant knowledge, and to provide a variety of case comparisons, to increase the audience's trust in the blogger, at the same time we trial activities in various major channels such as micro-BO, official website, as well as with the mother and child Community special cooperation, the line of maternal and infant supplies stores launched a strong advertising campaign. and open up an independent mother hotline, QQ group, such as carefully listen to the views of the mother group, and according to their infants of various responses to do so, and always ensure that every bag into the market to bring another potential user.

In the end according to the Sales Comparison table, the product sales profit has increased but with the advertising input, the actual profit due to the various trial activity cost increases and the first new media attempts did not significantly increase, but with the blog column reputation, QQ Group online Word-of-mouth recommendation and the Mother Group of Trust and recommendation, Sales of products in 2011 April finally exceeded the record high. (article excerpt from "This Love, even better")

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