The threshold for classified information sites is actually high.

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Tens of millions of-level large space

In all websites, the classification information is more promising, because it touches the common people life each part, such a big industry I am very optimistic. Many people say that classified information is a bubble, venture capital is not willing to vote, in fact, they do not see the practicality of the people; some say it has no economic value, in fact, our flow from the end of last year depends on about 4 times times. If you develop at this rate, the classification information is likely to be made into a tens of millions of-level large web site.

Many people say that the classification of Web sites in the future to integrate with the entity, to the offline and residential communities. In fact, the earliest we also find hand handed a newspaper to do a period of advertising, but also many times online under the community inserted brand. Later we found that 90% of our hand-handed users would not be online. That is, a potential trend for classifying information is to move to the offline community.

Highest classification information threshold

As far as the threshold is concerned, I think the classification should be the highest.

From the technology itself, we have made a lot of improvements from the first edition to the present. I am a technology, I understand that it is not a few lines of code plus the database and the Web server can stand up, behind a lot of netizens experience. For example, we found that in the real estate plate a lot of users do not want to fill out the phone, and then found that must be added to the special detailed notes, promised not to send any text messages, no charges, etc., he was relieved to put the phone up. This is something that accumulates slowly.

From another perspective, classified information is not there, users grow up. Most people who put information on the top will involve economic interests such as looking for a room, looking for a nanny, etc. This requires very granular management, not only the expert editors are required to review posts every day, but also require a lot of money to support.

Concentrate on making products to advantage

Classified information The market is still in its infancy. On the one hand, the majority of Chinese users of classified information is still in the newspaper stage, they buy a house accustomed to find the newspaper "tofu Block" advertising; on the other hand, some say the market has bubbles. So the market needs to be carefully and slowly cultivated.

The proposal does not pay much attention to bubble theory at present and so on, mostly focus on own product. We put the traffic in a smaller position than the product, because it is not possible for each user to feel perfect. For example, we now only do classified information and forums, although only to do these two products, engineers are busy doing a very small improvement every day, for example, to do a good user experience, when the user called to say that the post has a problem, we will test in the internal environment, can not find the problem or even go to the user to see what the problem is.

We are just trying to do the classification information products, especially the single user clicks, which represents a very high viscosity. believe that 8201.html "> product experience and user stickiness will become our core competitiveness for a long time."

35 years to make a lot of money.

We are also trying to make a profit from the point of view, but it takes 3-5 years to really mature.

The portal is the big brand customer puts on the advertisement, the classified information is the small company to advertise. Some small businesses are willing to advertise on classified websites, which we specially cultivate. Advertising is actually to small businesses to collect fees for the profit model, universal users should not charge.

Problems: establishing credit and cultivating habits

False information may be reflected in the House this piece, many intermediaries will impersonate a personal post, we began to find in April intermediary again in the name of personal posting, the phone was sealed off, for the intermediary of the integrity, we will be shielded. To some extent this affects the amount of post, will improve the quality of the post.

In addition, the biggest impediment is the user's understanding and use of classified information. Read the newspaper and investment ads, will think of to classify the site, this is the use of the habit of change, need to peer training.

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