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Unlike other business, there are two "ceilings" in China that need to be broken: first, the market is also relatively subdivided; second, advertising marketing is hard to exert. Wen/Xu Yi Shudegang's "Spring Hall" is located in Beijing East Five ring outside a new development community, the air is fresh, sparsely populated, where it is difficult to see a taxi, all kinds of "black car" and "Mo" is everywhere. "Before we were in the east three ring of the double well office, and then take into account the cost of warehousing, they moved here." "Shudegang is very satisfied with the current working environment," You see, the first floor is allot room and warehouse, the second floor is full of warehouses, the third floor is the office. There are more than 20 employees in the Spring Hall, most of whom are girls. Christmas at the end of last year, Shudegang as always to staff mass mail, which lists a lot of gifts for everyone to choose from, including the spring Hall of their own products, such as female masturbation device. "Before festivals also send this gift, but it is very difficult to send out, this year is different, and sent out a good few," Shudegang seriously to the "entrepreneurial state," explained, "They are in the mail in the form of full reply to claim!" "This little change gives Shudegang great comfort. He created the online sex products sales platform has been 7 years, 2010 sales also reached tens, but, compared with other categories of e-commerce, this "age" and this income is clearly difficult to Shudegang satisfaction. "What is needed now is market identity, consumer identity," Shudegang said. "I think more and more Chinese people should be more receptive to such products and their accompanying culture, not harder." "In the two-storey warehouse in the Spring hall, the shelves are filled with all kinds of" instruments "and" toys "imported directly from Japan, Europe and the United States, while the major products sold in 2003 were the drugs such as aphrodisiac drugs and aphrodisiac agents.  Sales category of continuous enrichment, but also let Shudegang see the reason for hope. "Some people say that Chinese people are more conservative at the cultural level, therefore, there is no market for erotic products, this is a misunderstanding, the Chinese people are not a belief in the nation, a lot of things to do more than Westerners do not have the bottom line, and, sex goods is not what immoral products, it is a part of life, Japan, China and Taiwan belong to the east, but there is a good sale of the spice goods.  "Shudegang said. One of the little things that made Shudegang proud was that he claimed to be the first person to introduce the concept of "erotic goods" into the mainland. "The first in the mainland has no ' erotic goods ' concept, the media are called ' adult products ', ' sex goods ' is the title of Taiwan, Hong Kong. "In Shudegang's view, the transformation of the appellation actually implies a change in the positioning of the product." "' Adult products ' is a concept of the health industry, and ' sex goods ' is the concept of fashion industry, positioning different, the rules of the game will be different." "In the UK, there is a very famous sex goods vendors, annual sales of more than 2 billion yuan, it is an important sales channel is HomepaRty: A girl, acting as the company's agent, regularly invites her girlfriends to come to her house to appreciate the latest erotic items. "The company also has a wired flagship store that is open in very busy locations, with more than 95% female customers," Shudegang said. Because it has made this business a fashion industry, and women are the most fashionable. "At present, the visitors to the Spring Hall, 65% or male customers, but users are not limited to men." "Some men are motivated by masturbation, and quite a few are married or have girlfriends and bought for a shared experience," he said. Shudegang said the average age of visitors to the spring Hall is still high, and he hopes to become the main target group for the age of 25 years ~28. "Forums The overall situation has been set, there is no hope, whenever may have changed; my biggest period is after 85, especially since you have to go fashion routes, the customer base is young."  "Shudegang said. Shudegang, a Tangshan man, graduated from the University of the 90, had opened a restaurant, worked, and the spring Hall was his second venture. 2000 time did a "China procurement Network" of the Business-to-business website, that is, "domestic trade version" of Alibaba, but the site has not been online, to catch up with the bursting of the dotcom bubble.  After the failure of this venture to work in Zhongguancun, a year later, claiming that the Shand just started two times. At that time chose to make the electronic commerce of human supplies, Shudegang is also a reason. One is that they have no savings, personal assets "in thousands", and the second is that the adult products are really their own year when the university considered the project. At that time in Tianjin reading, nothing is like riding a bicycle everywhere, from the middle school Love "Shudegang" found that the adult supplies shop is very few, may be an opportunity. So, after years of being ready to start again, this dusty idea comes to mind again. "Entrepreneurship may be a gradual accumulation of the subconscious, until that day, suddenly enlightened." "Coupled with previous Internet experience, Shudegang decided to do business with access to lower-threshold adult supplies." In the first year of entrepreneurship, the company is a person, is the boss, but also customer service. His business is simple: first go to the front door of a wholesale market for adult products to find the right supplier, and then to sign a contract with The courier company, monthly payment, and their own home operation site, scheduling orders, answer the phone.  A year down, net earn 500,000. Before and after 2003, the advertising promotion of the Business-to-consumer was not as crazy as today, the Spring Hall first or in Sina's search engine carries on the paid promotion (Shudegang said at that time Baidu or Sina's search service provider), each product promotion cost only a few cents, this lets him see a new market: SEO (Search engine optimization). 2004, a friend found him, hoping to do this business. Shudegang ADO agreed. Behind this, in fact, reflects the Shudegang of adult products Business subconscious conflict: always feel that this is not on the table, and a certain technical content of sEO is more glamorous. In Shudegang's words, "it would be more respectable to introduce yourself outside." "Throughout the 2004, Shudegang on the one hand, to engage in SEO, there is a lap without a lap to do the spring Hall." A year down, SEO a penny did not earn, also paid hundreds of thousands of, adult goods business income subsidies come not enough.  Discreetly。 The lesson of this "Shudegang" is that if you're not particularly smart, just do one thing and do it well, it's great.  In the 2005, Shudegang put all his energies into the spring Hall. A few years down, Shudegang's biggest feeling is that the sex goods is not good to sell, not to say nobody buys, but it is very difficult to make foot article in advertisement promotion. "In Japan, there are not only adult TV channels, there are adult magazines, adult movies, industry is very developed, for product providers, advertising is easy," Shudegang complained, "in the mainland, the Internet to do marketing is difficult, we are not not to consider advertising on the portal, but can not, the ads are ' Anti-third customs ' is certain. "Now the spring Hall on the Internet or Baidu to promote the ranking of the main, he hoped that next can open several flagship stores, the purpose is not sales, but brand promotion, so that more people understand the cultural significance of erotic products." "2008 I wrote a business plan, a PPT to more than 10 pages to discuss how big the market, now I only use 1 pages to explain." Shudegang said he had confidence in the market.
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