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10 Big development trends and skills that you need to know

Drunk technology progress, and the continuous development of technology, so that software development is also constantly changing, and also from unfamiliar to mature. But since technology can never be static, it must meet the needs of the people associated with it. I have seen the software world and I must admit that it is a dynamic field.   As I've always said, technology is evolving, and sometimes it's really hard to keep pace with this trend.   Now let's look at the software development skills and trends that 10 big size farmers must see. 1. Mastering the use of mobile technology smart mobile phones is becoming increasingly popular ...

How Web designers get passive income

More and more freelance designers are starting to look for passive income methods.   I have always liked to serve clients, but I had to endure the pressure of a few bosses and the final release of the project, which almost crushed me. A few years ago I began to focus on my projects and think about how to make money from them. I sell the theme and template and start writing a book.   Now I'm doing my own project "Job board for Designers (designer job board)". In Smashing Magazine's previous article ...

Suppose the Product Manager understands the technology

In the last seven years, I have been doing Internet products, including the first five years in the start-up companies and listed companies, to do other people's products; nearly two years in the business, to do their own products. My experience is: Product managers need to understand technology, entrepreneurs in particular need.   But the premise is that you always feel a share of the desire to do something, if you plan to mix security days, especially in large companies, you do not need to understand, but to be careful not to "know too much", silly person life peace. To do the product these years, and development engineers to deal with most, ...

For different needs, Blue ocean communication provides two kinds of products and service delivery mode

In fact, for the different needs of enterprise users in the application management solution deployment and delivery model, Blue Ocean provides two product and service delivery modes: The traditional software licensing model (Blueware) and the Cloud based SaaS model (ONEAPM). Blueware mainly for traditional large enterprises, while ONEAPM mainly for Internet enterprise developers. With ONEAPM, developers can increase development speed, release applications faster, and pinpoint bottlenecks in the usage experience. According to the introduction of Blue Ocean News, ONEAPM ...

The Secret Hacker Marathon: A new creative venture to Swarm

Absrtact: The hacker Marathon is the programmer's American Idol, very popular. Participating in the hacking marathon, in addition to keen to delve into the technology of software engineers, as well as the team from the VC company. The competition organizers will provide a free diet.     The hacker marathon is a few hackers marathon is the programmer's "American Idol", very popular.     Participating in the hacking marathon, in addition to keen to delve into the technology of software engineers, as well as the team from the VC company. The Competition party will ...

Product manager must understand the technology business?

Introduction: Sometimes we need more than just a product manager who knows technology well, and what we need is a product manager who can trust his partners to do well and encourage them to work better together. So in the end product managers need to understand the technology, let's take a look at know the answer of this question. In the last seven years, I have been doing Internet products, of which the first five years of time in the start-up companies and listed companies, to do other people's products; the last two years in business, and strive to be their own Production ...

Distinguish between true and false PAAs

Cloud computing has already blown the whirlwind, and as it matures, applications continue to grow and new users emerge. In the IT industry, services and infrastructure, services are becoming more of a duck. But because the cloud washes the white and the market is immature, the platform namely the service is still in the darkness before the dawn. For a specific type of application, software as a service (SaaS), it is easy to access complex applications in one way, without substantial cash outlay, and only a very low management overhead. Similarly, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) attracts a growing number of businesses, providing an access to multiple, large amounts of computing, storage ...

Fast, low-cost completion of the development of innovative companies how to do

As a software engineer, the past few years have been dedicated to web development. In innovative companies, speed saves time, money, and money to ask more engineers to make the whole development faster. The school does not teach many "software engineering" methods, or how to be a good programmer. These things do not exist in the Taiwan industry, we are doing side touch, learn from experience. I've learned a lot from books and the internet about ways to make the team more productive, because I believe that I have to do this in the new team, with the industry's recognition that it's fast ...

The five most popular jobs

Today's start-ups are already growing fast and they are beginning to compete for talent, but there are a few types of jobs that are hardest for practitioners to complete. Start-ups in the technology industry are almost always present in all big cities, especially in San Francisco, Boston and New York. Although many of these companies are still in the A-round, or even the seed round of financing, anyway, they have become entrepreneurs. Why are there so many entrepreneurs right now? Because in recent years, due to the development of cloud technology, the threshold of science and technology has been significantly reduced compared to a few years ago. For excellent

Playing Big Data: 12 tools to know

Whether it's building large data applications or just trying to get a little bit of inspiration from the development of mobile apps, programmers now need data analysis tools more than ever.   This is definitely a good thing, so many companies from the needs and skills of programmers to build some data analysis tools. Over the past few years, Derrick has seen a lot of startups, projects, and development tools, all of which are designed to bring advanced data analysis capabilities to programmers. Sometimes, the program ...

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