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"A good idea can drive a team; a good idea can revive an industry." Do not remember where that remark was seen, this sentence is very good, but there are many hidden behind this sentence can not directly from the creative things can be seen, only a creative is not feasible, based on this sentence, I have done some simple analysis and research on the concept of Web site originality, let me talk about the idea of the website.

Before starting to really talk about this website idea, we still need to find out what is the website creativity, the website originality should say the common sense of the beholder, benevolent, have no a conceptual thing, I understand the website originality is a website you in and other similar type of website compare, have what special place, What unique things or patterns can attract users, let them abandon the other in the peer and choose you. Creativity in the site's embodiment is not necessarily explicit, can also be recessive, can be the site's location and theme of the creative, can also be the site's profit model and operating mode of creativity, but also to provide users with the service innovation ...

Let's talk about creative how to connect with a website friendly, how to let the creative to your site to bring new vitality?

First of all, any good idea can not put aside life, so creative to want to be able to make a difference, must be derived from life, otherwise this creative no way for daily life, work, learning and other services, if the user needs to put aside to talk about creativity, then the idea will change the name, called Utopian

Secondly, to consider the idea of how to combine the site with the friendly, do not let the idea become very far-fetched, then your creative will be the development of your website has negative effects, directly affect the user's experience degree.

Finally, it is also very important that we do the site also need to consider the input and output issues, we need to consider the difficulty of technology implementation and need to pay the amount of money to consider how much, we need to consider this fully realized in the future can bring you how much real income.

Friends, do you have a good idea, if not we can discuss ideas together. I now have two projects to seek cooperation and investment (are the use of web site ideas in real life)

1. Fifth media-How does the public transport media effectively combine with the website to improve user participation?

2. How does the traditional classification information network break the current deadlock and allow users to generate more revenue for the site?

If you are interested in these two projects, you can invest, you can purchase the program, contact qq:627232888

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