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tags tags, you can easily classify information sorted together, so in the site construction and optimization can be widely used. such as the current mainstream CMS, blog system, forum programs have related functional support, the importance of this is also evident. On the one hand, the collection of information can make it easier for users to find relevant information, and avoid complicated search filtering. On the other hand tags tags optimized properly, more easily for the site long tail keyword to obtain excellent rankings, so as to bring a huge flow group. But tags although the advantages of heavy, but in writing can not be arbitrary. How to obtain effective tags tag optimization effect, the following content further analysis, if you are interested may wish to read the following content:

One: Standard Writing tags tags

Any program does not define tags tags how to write, but if the results of its optimization, but also how to standardize the writing, can achieve the optimization effect? In writing tags tags, first of all to know its purpose is to file the relevant information after the collation of a statement, so the requirements have a good generalization. tags tags in addition, as a word, should avoid the "sentence-style" optimization is its basic norms.

Two: Tags tags and content relevance

Tags tag optimization to eliminate the arbitrary nature of aimless, in the optimization process, the more should keep its content relevance. No final impact on the label is included after the weight and ranking of the high and low, because relevance is the search engine determines the quality of the page and weight of one of the rules.

Three: Tags tags to avoid the main keyword

Don't assume that all the words fit into the Optimization tab, the program and search engines don't define their rules, but for example, "If you apply a site's primary key to the Optimization tab," What's the use? Instead of using labels to optimize the main keyword, it's better to do a good job of sorting content page optimization. tags tags in the selection, but also focus on the long tail of the choice of keywords, so easier to make the label optimization results.

Four: Tags tags should have search quantity

There are a large number of webmasters in the setting tags tags, did not consider whether it will bring a search, with their own how to like how to set. Finally, the search engine is included, the page is more than a valid snapshot, but the flow and then? To know, the purpose of optimizing the label is to bring traffic, otherwise, even if the collection of 10,000 information is not brought to any traffic, what is the use of it?

Five: Tags choose to avoid hot words

A hot word to bring the flow is scary, others optimized for months or even years may not see the effect of the word you can get a label it? The label chooses reasonable also should moderate, avoids the cold word to keep the search quantity, avoids too hot the word is also causes it to be effective. Even if a tag brings 10 IP If 100 is also 1000IP.

Six: Tags tags number

Some webmaster, in each update article must add a lot of tags tags, but so to do really appropriate? I think that for the increase in the label, each article should not exceed more than 5 labels, and try to improve tags tags quality, what is the quality? Show the basic meaning of tags tags, "the collection of information ”。 If each article is a new and repeat label, it will inevitably lead to the shrinkage of its value. Can not build high-quality tags tags to optimize the site, what is the use of it? tags tags, increase the amount of relevant articles should be maintained in more than 3.

Finally, the binary network to join hands with Shanghai website production company Pilotage Technology (HTTP://WWW.JOYWEB.NET.CN) concluded that: site optimization should be in detail, reasonable optimization tags tags bring not only snapshots, more is to guide the promotion of precision flow. Tags tag value can not be ignored, do not let the flow of the missed, from the details of the faster speed of the guide to improve the flow.

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