St Societe Generale grievances unfinished continent request Chairman Qin Shaoqiu 3rd within the right to pay

Every reporter Xiazijie air from Shanghai St Societe Generale (600603,sh) The original chairman Qin Shaoqiu left the figure is some lonely, he control of the "Northern Fu department" lost to the "continent Department" master Chen Tieming, the feud has not ended.  St Societe Generale yesterday issued a "ultimatum", urging Qin Shaoqiu within 3rd and Chen Tieming completion of the work of the Chairman of the handover formalities, at the same time, St Societe Generale to start the temporary debt review work, this was St Societe Generale Hong Geochun interpreted as "mine" work. Hong Geochun to the daily economic news reporter revealed that the "continent Department" to the St Societe Generale restructuring will ...

Experts: There is little likelihood of significant inflation in the near future

Dr. Zhang, Institute of Quantitative Economics and technology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Net Yang Jia China network December 7 News "2010" Economic Blue Book released and China Economic Situation analysis and forecast seminar ", The conference analyzes and forecasts the economic development trends and major problems faced by China in the 2009 and 2010, and forecasts the main indicators of national economy in 2009-2010.  China network live broadcast. Zhang, Ph. D., Institute of Economic and Technological economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, talk about 2010 ...

Dalian Jinniu original Big shareholder high King

Every trainee reporter Wang Yu after a while after a continuous rise in stock prices, Dalian Taurus (000961, closing price of 13.38 Yuan) yesterday announced that the original major shareholder of the Northeast Special Steel Group in Thursday, Weeks 51 total reduction of 2.7 million shares, set now about 36.72 million yuan. Northeast Special Steel High position Dalian Taurus yesterday announced that the Northeast Special steel in June 11 through Shenzhen centralized bidding system reduced the company 530,500 shares, followed by June 12, and through the Shenzhen centralized bidding trading system to reduce the company 2.1695 million shares, two reduction of total 270 ...

The real estate market is concerned about the aging of aging housing in the future

The aging trend of China's population is becoming more and more obvious, facing the increasing number of elderly, housing suitable for the elderly is also beginning to receive market attention.  Economic voice reporters in Beijing, held the 11th session of the rendezvous scene, building experts will be dedicated to their parents design of the bedroom, moved to the exhibition site, such a house, what will be the room? At the rendezvous scene, Tsinghua University School of Architecture Professor Zhouyan's assistant to reporters about the characteristics of the house: "We are at the door of the shoe cabinet, mainly in order to place scattered shoes, to prevent the elderly fall." This place has some lights, and it's easy ...

Geely sourcing Volvo: The "News" that is taking place

Geely's acquisition of Volvo could soon turn from "gossip" to "news". Although potential bidders, including Geely, have previously denied bids, but the daily economic news reporter yesterday from the party inside an executive staff to understand that Geely has been with Ford on the acquisition of Volvo has reached a preliminary intention, after the acquisition of Volvo or will be settled in Guangzhou, Dongguan, the first domestic model will be XC90, The two sides will further discuss the details of whether the job cuts, market layout, technology transfer and so on after the merger.  The news has not yet been confirmed by the authorities on both sides. But these insiders are not thoroughly ...

News: Vanke Shenzhen Comprehensive reform case stimulus rally nearly 3%

By the Shenzhen Comprehensive reform program released influence, to Shenzhen as the headquarters of Vanke on the attack, up to 9:51, nearly 3%, reported 9.94 Yuan, again approaching the 10 yuan mark.  Driven by this, the Golden Land group, Poly Real Estate, investment real estate, such as Shenzhen property leaders are rapidly rising. Yesterday afternoon, the State Council approved the "Shenzhen Comprehensive reform package" formally published in Shenzhen. Shenzhen will promote financial reform and innovation from nine aspects, and formulate several policy plans in the fields of Internet, E-commerce, bio-industry and new energy, so as to make industrial innovation take a new step.

China is the world's largest automobile production and marketing country The road is still long

BEIJING, December 7, electric distance from China's automobile annual breakthrough Chiwan Mark just one months, and from the Chinese Automobile Industry Association news that, according to the initial statistics of January-November this year, the domestic car production and sales of more than 12 million vehicles, is expected to break through 13 million a year.  At this point, China has become the world's largest car producer and the biggest new car consumer market. Some experts believe that China's auto sales this year ranked first in the world, car ownership has entered the ranks of large countries, which means that the future of China's auto industry has a very large space for development. However, China has become a production and marketing power, but not yet ...

Jinshan shares flop 7.63% restructuring stock is aesthetic fatigue?

Every reporter Li Jinshan shares (600396, closing price of 9.57 yuan) easy to master the matter finally settled. Yesterday, the company announced that Huadian Group is interested in the company's major shareholder Dandong Oriental New energy company all equity, and thus become the new owner of Jinshan shares.  However, the company will "marry into" one of China's five power generation group Huadian Group, the market funds do not seem to buy, yesterday, the recovery of the Golden Hill shares plunged 7.63%, ranked the top of the electricity plate decline. Huadian, "married" Jinshan Jinshan shares yesterday announced that Huadian Group by the new Energy to orient all equity, East ...

Chinese power shares slightly higher UOB

Chinese power shares edged higher this morning, without a significant boost from a sharp drop in output in May over a year earlier, while Datang Power (00991-HK) is up 2.9%, Huadian International (01071-HK) and China Power (02380-HK) only Rose 1.9%, Huaneng International (00902-  HK) only rose 1.44%, CR Power (00836-HK) slightly rose 0.25%. The UOB report said it maintained a neutral rating for Chinese power stocks, although the government's package of stimulus packages has begun to work ...

Peripheral stock rally to pay attention to cattle 64226 bear 63957

Peripheral stock markets generally rebound, after the US Dow Jones Market resumed its holiday, it rose more than 2%, closed at 8,473 points and had an increase of 196, while the Nikkei average index rose by about 1.5% in the early part of the year, at a level falling near 9,450, and the index, which was first upgraded in Tuesday to a soft, 16,992-point decline, Capital flow, the HSI cattle card in the past 5th has about 84 million yuan inflow, bear is about 50 million yuan capital flow away. Technically, the HSI May first broke through the 200-day average line of about 15,555 points and last October, the high 17,100 ...

News: Century Xinyuan benefit Shenzhen supporting reform sharply

Shenzhen comprehensive reform of the overall plan released, affected by the news Shenzhen plate, the full strength of the century Xinyuan early fast, the highest rise of 7.38%, up to 9:40, the shares rose to 6.11%, reported 4.18 Yuan. At the same time you can see that other Shenzhen shares of the performance is also very good, as late as 9:40 the rise of the room A has reached 9.41%, seg Samsung also has 7.95% of the gains, other such as Deep Wah A, deep days and other performance is also good, it seems that under the guidance of the Shenzhen Plate is expected to become the mainstream hot spot.

The real estate: we do not want to take the king

A few days ago, a high-profile auction was held at the Beijing Land Centre at 10th outside the wide canal gate. After fierce competition, the final game in the decimating group and China's electronics industry development company two. After 89 rounds of bidding, decimating group finally to 1.022 billion yuan high price will be the plot income sac.  Transaction prices up to 3.42 times times the starting price, more than the craziest 2007 years of the floor of Vanke land price per square meter more than 11,000 yuan, become the implementation of land recruitment system in Beijing, the transaction price of the most expensive land. "We don't want to take ' The King '. "Personally led to participate in the auction ...

PwC Road: 2013 China Entertainment media market will be more than billions of dollars

Every journalist Ma? Global entertainment and media markets will grow at an average annual growth rate of 2.7% per cent in the next 5 years, to $1.6 trillion trillion by 2013, the global entertainment and Media Industry Outlook report, released yesterday, is forecast by PwC.  China's entertainment and media sectors will grow at a combined annual rate of 9.5% per cent to $110 billion trillion, much more than the global average. PwC predicts that the global entertainment media industry will grow at 3.9% this year, with a growth rate of just 0.4% to 20 next year, affected by the recession.

Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 major exchange transfusion many old blue-chip was excluded from the transfer of trading opportunities

Every reporter Liu Mingtao recently, the China Certificate Index company routinely practices the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index sample stock adjustment, replacement 24 stocks. What are the successful "finalists" of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index sample stocks, and which stocks have been removed, and the adjustment of the sample stocks, the index and the impact of stocks?  Many questions have become the focus of investors ' attention. Many old blue chips were excluded this Monday, the China Certificate Index company announced the adjustment of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index sample shares of the announcement, there are 24 units in this adjustment has been replaced, the replacement ratio of nearly a year of new highs, its ...

First domestic KW nuclear reactor pressure vessel off-line

Each reporter Lucho Dongfang Electric (6000875,SH) 's joint venture company Dongfang Electric (Guangzhou) Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has created the first KW nuclear reactor pressure vessel in China, which has recently been transported by sea to Ling AO Nuclear power plant.  Previously, China could only produce reactor pressure vessels of reactor 600,000-kilowatt. The Oriental heavy machine successfully manufactured the Ling O two Phase Project unit 4th production of million-kilowatt reactor pressure vessel, not only Mark Ling ao two nuclear power plant all the heavy equipment manufacturing complete, for the nuclear power plant on schedule to build power supplies important ...

570 million yuan for renovation project in Macau

China's traffic construction announced that the company holds 51% of the new Macau 800 with the department store improvement and renovation works, the contract sums about 566 million yuan.

Lee Fung is up 5.1% boosted by US consumer confidence

Spurred by an upturn in the US consumer confidence index, Lee Fung (00494-HK) is up 5.1%, reporting 20.20 Hong Kong dollars, trading at HK $121 million and ending 5 even. U.S. consumer confidence figures show a sharp improvement in consumer expectations for the next 6 months and a positive correlation between consumer confidence and market confidence.  The May US consumer confidence climbed to 54.9 from 40.8 in April, the highest level since September and the biggest increase since April 2003, deepening the market's vision of a recovery. US business accounted for 08 ...

Wind power industry: increasing capacity and increasing competition

Events: Recently, Hunan Electric shares, Goldwind Technology announced in the sixth issue of wind power concession bidding projects in the bid, from the results and expectations, we think there are several points to pay attention to. Comments: Wind power Market capacity is increasing: The sixth phase wind power bidding project for the Inner Mongolia and Hebei region Shine kilowatt-grade wind turbine equipment requirements for the wind turbines, the total size of 5.25 million-kilowatt, compared with the previous installments, the scale of the bid further expansion, we believe that the domestic wind power construction is still in speed, The scale of tenders for the future is still expected to increase. According to the "building a large base, into the big ..."

Wuhan Property Project Control right

New World China announces, with Wuhan partner Hankou Fishery Agreement, Hankou Fishery agreed to waive the right to charge future profits to the new Wuhan Han, and to hand over the management control and participation rights of Wuhan New Han to the new China, at the cost of allocating 91.8 million RMB (about HK $104 million) to the profit of the new Han in Wuhan. Wuhan New Han is mainly engaged in the development of Wuhan Jiang ' an lake in the property project, the new middle finger transaction can make it obtain the overall management control of the project.

News: China Petroleum and petrochemical double-hung storm oil products tonight or hike

PetroChina and Sinopec after 10 o'clock suddenly crazy pull the market, respectively, a sharp rise of 2.37% and 2%, the market quickly pull up. Since Sinopec chairman Su said last week that the price adjustment will be announced by May 28, the industry's forecast for refined oil prices tonight is again high. Several oil experts said that tonight as a price adjustment of another "time window" is reasonable, the current price adjustment is fully in line with the conditions.

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