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What is machine learning? Why is it so important?

Machine learning is a multi-disciplinary subject that has emerged in the past 20 years and involves many disciplines such as probability theory, statistics, approximation theory, convex analysis, and computational complexity theory.

Mobile User Experience elements

Translator Note: For mobile user experience practitioners, this article can be said to be a treasure. The article not only kapitalmakes the 12 major elements of mobile user experience and its standard, but also provides detailed and rich references. Nina and I will bring this translation from the previous and next sections, and we hope that our translations will bring systematic thinking and thinking inspiration to practitioners. The Elements of the Mobile User Ex ...

Glitch Deep pupil lets the computer understand this world

Summary: Standing in the tuyere, pigs can fly up. But the key is where will the next tuyere be? Different people certainly have different views, Bill Gates answers: The next big event in the IT World is computer vision (computer vision) and deep learning (deep standing in a tuyere, pigs can fly. But the key is where will the next tuyere be? Different people must have different views, Bill Gates gave the answer: The next big event in the IT World is computer vision (computer vision) ...

China Mobile Gansu Company promotes the construction of wireless city

Gansu Province is the strategic channel connecting the Eurasian land Bridge and the communication Southwest, Northwest Transportation hub, with the advantage of the Western channel, set the traditional energy, new energy as a whole, coal oil resources, cultural resources, tourism resources, wind energy resources are very rich, but for historical reasons, regional advantages have not been fully played, The abundant resources on the ground floor have not been fully exploited and the vitality of development has not been fully stimulated. Information technology is known as the booster of economic development, multiplier, the construction of digital city, relying on the advantages of information technology to promote the upgrading of traditional industries, Gansu province to develop recycling economy, cultivate new economic growth ...

Mobile Internet change Education with mobile phone the time for class really came

"Sadie Network" There is no doubt that online education is now very hot, but it is far from the fire to allow thousands of online education companies can eat enough. More online education companies do not have core competencies, but move some offline courses online to become public class fees. Many companies are pinning their hopes on the mobile-Internet wave, but the combination of mobile internet and online education has become the focus. Already in this year's online education market fires a 100 education this few days just launched the app again to make people glance, through the app to achieve the video straight ...

Mobile search business value in the end how much?

For China's Internet, BAT is around the topic, these three giants compete in various fields are the focus of the industry, especially in the field of mobile Internet. According to the latest data from Fat Cats, the first half of this year was driven by two major factors: increasing mobile search traffic and increasing liquidity of Baidu Mobile, with the proportion of mobile services expanding. In the first quarter of 2014, revenue from Baidu Mobile's business was lower than the overall revenue In the proportion of over 25%. Here, fat cat wanted to say Baidu first, to talk about the Facbook, from the Facebook stock price movements, ...

2013 Mobile Internet focus area Top 10

In the past 2013 years, the mobile internet is a well-deserved Vanity Fair! From VC to the Internet giants, all the way capital poured into the wild.   The data show that the mobile internet has become a new entrepreneurial activity after the Internet, it is expected that the future of its investment activity will continue to grow. In addition, I observed that this year's mobile internet investment is a major feature in addition to the influx of VC capital, the internet giant also began to reach out, trying to buy the way to make up for their own in the mobile end of the short board. I think, for mobile internet entrepreneurs, the giant ...

Four dimensions analysis of mobile internet entrance pattern

"Entrance" is probably the internet is never open the mode and topic. Although the mobile era to the king of the app, but from the hardware, systems, applications, content and other aspects of the entrance layout of the Internet era has basically continued the pattern and gradually mature, this is a how the pattern?   Will it change? "Entrance" is probably the internet is never open the mode and topic. A simple look at the entrance is the way you most often look for information and solve problems.   Search engines, for example, are the largest portals of the internet, followed by browsers and Web site navigation. In the mobile age, though the idea of app-King is ingrained ...

Mobile dealer, take off everyone's pants.

Mobile electric dealer, take off is everybody's trousers, reveal is everybody's short, all have the danger of being molested, if want to modesty, everybody must modesty.   No exception! The difference is that some people have large palms, can hoodwink, we are not aware of it, he also has shortcomings. Or, we think that his shortcomings are not the most important, they can be ignored, or there is always a way to make up for them. Now the world has moved into the mobile internet age, but mobile internet is not equal to the mobile electric business. The former is that you have the entrance. The latter is to say, you have to use this entrance ...

New trends in mobile application design

Many excellent designs emerged in the 2011, with the updating of the operating system and the improvement of hardware performance, the user's demand for mobile applications is also rising, and the interface design is promoted to a new height.   Mobile application is no longer to move content from the Internet to mobile devices, but to solve the problem of the equipment itself, according to user needs from the visual feelings, style trends, operating methods, information architecture and content rendering in various aspects of mining design possibilities, to bring users a new experience. This article summarizes the hot products of the interface design, summed up the next year to focus on the design ...

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