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SOHO China to send 2.8 billion yuan for stock exchange debt

According to market quoted sales documents, Soho China issue convertible bonds, raise 2.8 billion yuan, bond interest 2.75 to 3.75, the annual period of 5 years, 3 years after the early redemption.

Soho China pours 3% Grand blessing proposal to buy HK $6.99

As early as the Chinese Merchants Bank (03968-HK) Tens of billions of dollars to attract mergers and acquisitions vision of Soho China's morning after the rebound, the afternoon lift, the stock price is up 2.94% to 4.55 Hong Kong dollars, deal 21.36 million shares.  The report said that the proposed purchase of the unit, the target price of HK $6.99, equivalent to the estimated net assets per share, than the market premium of 54%. The Soho China is gradually increasing its leverage ratio to further expand, Fu pointed out. It is expected that the company's contract sales in the year will reach RMB 5 billion, the annual turnover can reach 7.7 billion yuan, of which 88% ...

Pan Shiyi: Property tax lethality or starting from two suites

BEIJING, May 5 (Lin) this morning, Soho China Co., Ltd. Chairman Pan Shiyi in the real estate China Network held in the Galactic Soho real estate New Thinking forum activities, said the property tax is actually very strong lethality, housing may be levied from the second house. The theme of the real estate new Thinking forum activity is "2010 Coup real Estate" series Observation and interpretation. "I have studied the property tax for two years and the voices of opposition are particularly strong, and I finally saw that the property tax was actually extremely lethal," Pan said. said that the Japanese housing prices are very high, think of various offices ...

Pan Shiyi: Property market regulation effect will be immediate

Pan Shiyi, the chairman of Soho China (00410.HK), said in an interview with China Securities News 18th that the State Council's recent housing market regulation and control policy has been unusually intensive and severe in recent years.  The response of real estate market to policy is lagging behind that of stock market, but the effect of regulation will soon appear. Pan Shiyi as a new round of housing market regulation as a Siberian cold, short-term market inflection point has been "far off." "The volume of commodity housing will decline rapidly," he said. And how the price changes, the next one months can be seen. Pan Shiyi pointed out ...

Pan Shiyi: The bubble in the first-tier city real estate market is becoming serious

Pan Shiyi, chairman of Soho China, said in a media interview that since March, real estate sales in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other first-tier cities have warmed up again, and prices have risen markedly.  The bubble in the real estate market of the first-tier cities is becoming more and more serious. Pan Shiyi pointed out that "rent and sale ratio" is a measure of real estate investment return of important indicators. In the past 5 years, due to the imbalance of supply and demand caused by the housing sales price relative to rent level, residential and commercial property prices than the overall downward trend. One of the first-line urban residential properties since 2008, began to appear gradually bubble ...

Pan Shiyi: Beijing available for sale only 30,000 sets

May 5 Afternoon News Soho China's chairman, Pan Shiyi, said this morning that Beijing's property market has entered a frozen period, with only 30,000 units available for sale, and that the land should be supplied as soon as possible.  Pan said that the data it obtained shows that the current Beijing available for sale only 30,000 sets of listings, and last year, Beijing turnover of 200,000 sets, if there is No 10, that is, half a year stock supply, supply and demand will be very tense. "Because there is no stocks at home, it is understandable that Beijing will come up with any tough policies." "Pan said that Beijing has entered the frozen period, the present should be as soon as possible ...

China's 10 sharp drop 80% new customers pan Shiyi says the property market is approaching a turning point

Beijing second-hand housing listings in the past 4 days, the new increase of more than 3,000 sets. The introduction of the new "Country 10", the rapid warming in the first quarter since the Beijing property market began to cool off. Reporter investigation found that the housing market new Deal 4 days, the Beijing real estate market demand plummeted 80%.  Pan Shiyi, chairman of Soho China's board of directors, said the housing market "inflection point" is approaching and how the price of house changes will be seen in the next one months. 20% homeowners willing to cut prices the State Council last week issued a special report on the determination to curb the rapid rise in prices in some cities, the five major total of 10. This is ...

Beijing Huayuan Real Estate Chairman Ren Zhiqiang will endorse Alashan millet

Soho China Chairman Pan Shiyi "Pan Apple" yesterday in Beijing Bu Bee Lotus wangjing shop first landed sales.   Pan Shiyi said, Beijing Huayuan Real Estate Chairman Ren Zhiqiang will endorse the good millet of Allah. "Pan Apple" price is three times times the average Apple pan Shiyi recently on Weibo on the promotion of its name "Pan Apple", his hometown of Gansu Tianshui Flower Cattle Apple public spokesman.   "Pan-Apple" has also become the "Orange Peach" after the domestic entrepreneurs once again dabbled in the agricultural sector another brand. Pan Shiyi and Ren Zhiqiang attended "Pan ...

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