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MTU Settings __ Set MTU

########## MTU ############ Windows MTU Value setting: netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Local Area Connection" mtu=1400 "Local Area Connection" to replace the corresponding network card name view: netsh interface ipv4 show subinterfaces Linux MTU Value setting: Ifconfig eth0

What is MTU, how to detect and set the router MTU value

The MTU is the abbreviation for Maximumtransmissionunit. The maximum packet that is transmitted over a network. The unit of the MTU is bytes. Most network devices have an MTU of 1500. If the MTU of this machine is larger than the MTU of the gateway, large packets are remove

Linux under PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 Prompt detailed

Many people in the use of Linux, the prompt is not too much attention, can use a good prompt can be more intuitive to see, for their own judgmentLinux has PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 Four class prompt, these four variables are environment variables, as to what environment variables in the system, you can use the command "env" to viewPS1 Command PromptPS1 has those configuration, or PS1, that can be configured with a command prompt:\d: represents the date, formatt

Programmer's free editor-ps3( below)

In the previous article, we only need to talk about the related items of ps3and editing. This article mainly describes the related settings of ps3: 6. How can I configure an IDE environment with ps3?The following uses C/C ++ as an example to configure a simple IDE. Select setting => highlighters settings from the menu. The following dialog box is displayed. You can set syntax highlighting on the first tab.

Linux support canceled by PS3 firmware upgrade has security risks

Article title: security risks arising from Linux support canceled by the PS3 firmware upgrade. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. According to foreign media reports, Sony recently announced that it will release the PS3 firmware upgrade on April 1, canceling

Thoughts and records on hacking PS3 rsx

Thanks to several hackers, firmware 2.0 and below can use the "partially" GPU (NVIDIA rsx) feature. Recently, I have spent a lot of time on this and have a rough understanding of the GPU underlying layer and tool chain. On the PS3, there is an operating system at the bottom layer that provides hardware functional interfaces, which is called Level 1. Any operating system on it needs to interact with the hardware interface through level 1 API, whic

Install Linux on PS3

Install Linux on PS3-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following. Source: driver home As early as the launch of the PS3, many gamers tried to install the Linux operating system on the host for different purposes. Later, Sony simply reserved the option of re-partitioning and installing other operating systems on the XMB operating interface o

Development of some foreign PS3 homebrew

I spent some time browsing the latest results and news, which are summarized as follows: 1. Many people started to access framebuffer. At least one horizontal scroll can appear soon. 2. Phil Harrison still insists rsx needs to be protectedHttp:// SID = 07/04/20/0641209 3. hypervisor APIs are being extracted step by step from Linux kernel.Http:// 4. Someone simply writes the boot lo

[Original] reduce the pain for setting up cellsdk environment on fc6 PS3

Download fc6 for PS3 (ppc64), burn it into disc, but retain the ISO image for later use!Download PS3 Linux additional disc (kernel), burn it into DiscDownload otheros. BLD and otheros. self, put it into "/PS3/otheros/" (Capital sensitive) Directory of the SD/MS card [note] otheros. BLD for Fedora 7, which is recommended by cell sdks 3.0 is here. otheros. self is

BASH Shell: take control of PS1, ps2, PS3, PS4 and prompt_command

ArticleDirectory 1. PS1-default interaction prompt 2. PS2-continuation interactive prompt 3. PS3-Prompt used by "select" Inside shell script 4. PS4-used by "set-X" to prefix tracing output 5. prompt_command Http:// Http://

PS3 Video Media Playback

Avi AVC/Xvid/DivX AC3/MP3 single file limit capacity below 4 GBMP4 AVC/Xvid/DivX AAC single file limit capacity below 4 GBTS MPEG-2 AC3-MPG MPEG-1/2 AC3/AAc unlimited capacityWMV VC-1/wmv9 WMA-Vob AVC/MPEG-2 AC3 unlimited capacityM2ts AVC AC3 unlimited capacityAvchd AVC AC3/DTS Nero is burned to the udf2.5 format, supporting chapters, m2ts image version Playback mode: * It may take about 10 seconds for some video files to be correctly recognized for the first playback.

How can I use the ping command to obtain the best MTU?

How can I use the ping command to obtain the best MTU?What is MTU? MTU is called Maximum Transmission Unit in English. MTU refers to the maximum data packet size (in bytes) that can be passed over a layer of communication protocols ). The maximum transmission unit parameter is usually related to the communication inter

Hackers will try to restore the Linux support of the PS3

Article title: hackers will try to restore the Linux support function of the PS3. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Sony will remove the "install other OS" feature from the system in the latest PS3 firmware update, which leads to strong user dissatisfactio


MTUIt is the abbreviation of maximum transmission unit, which is the largest transmission unit.Maximum packet transmitted over the networkIn bytes. Ethernet imposes a limit on the length of data frames. The maximum value is 1500. This feature is called MTU. Most of different types of networks have an upper limit. If an IP packet is to be transmitted on the IP layer and the data length is greater than the MTU

Influence of vro MTU value on Network Communication (solve the problem that some websites cannot be opened)

About MTUMTU (maximum transmission unit) is the maximum number of information packets transmitted by network devices. For various routers, the best MTU value is usually the default value. Sometimes, changing the MTU value can improve the performance of the device, which is easy to do, but in fact, this will often lead to other problems. It is best to keep MTU unc

Fierce Yellow Dog, private Linux System for PS3 YDL6.0 public download

The yellow dog is fierce, and the PS3 Linux system YDL6.0 is publicly available for download-Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. Terra Soft's PS3 Linux system, Yellow Dog Linux (known as Yellow Dog in Chinese), can be said to have opened the door to PC for the PS3, but the poor compatibil

Programmer's free editor-ps3( on)

corresponding file. 2. Unicode supported:That is to say, there is no problem in supporting Chinese characters and no garbled characters. Speaking of gibberish, here are a few related questions: What is the Chinese file name displayed in the file browsing window after I switch to the English interface? Open the Lang folder under the installation directory of ps3, find the English language file, and change defaultcharset to defaultcharset = big5. Why i

Report Predicts possible PS3 launch Delay

A report published by Merrill Lynch, late last week, says that the PS3 may be delayed until as late as 2007. The report concludes that Sony's demo-to use cell architecture and the high costs to make the console cocould be possible factors for the delay. The analysis cited reports that the launch of the PS3 cocould be delayed by between 6 and 12 months, resulting inAn Autumn release in Japan and a late 2

WIN7 XP Setting the MTU to increase download speed

There may be very few Reyou that have noticed the impact of the "MTU" value of the "native, network" on their own network performance. For faster download speeds, the MTU value is set incorrectly, as if running in high heels.What is the MTU?"Mtu= Maximum Transmission Unit unit: bytes"The various network operations that

OSPF: problems with the adjacent relationship caused by inconsistent MTU

This blog post will introduce in detail the problem of the adjacent relationship caused by inconsistent MTU and the solution. 1. MTU inconsistency (1) When to pay attention to MTU Starting from the Exstart status, the OSPF process follows the Interface MTU field in the DD message from the neighbor. (2) When to ignore

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