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Dotnet Summary (4)--xml reading and writing

XML read XML, public static string Readxmlconfig (String strFileName, String SKey) { String strFileName = "Brand.exe.config"; XmlDocument oxmldocument = new XmlDocument (); String Strreturn= ""; Try { Oxmldocument.load (application.startuppath+ "\"

[Dotnet] COM component converted to. NET component {ZT}

Transforms can be packaged into one by using the Type Library Importer (type Importer). NET component, and then you can use it like. NET components, as well as using it. . NET Framework just provides a wrapper and doesn't really change the

Unstoppable curiosity: 5 is how to implement Cross-platform through Xre

. NET programmers have their own happiness, too. NET Cross-platform is a kind of happiness. NET open source is also a kind of happiness, and more happy can be through open source. NET understand how. NET is moving toward cross-platform, so happiness

Paste: MSDN Interview with C # programming IV

Programming ROBERT HESS: As a standard for loop? JEFFREY RICHTER: Yes, as a standard for loop. So sometimes in the end, it does more work than I thought. Using foreach is quite common, and having it is really cool. ROBERT HESS: I guess you

Easy to write their own tractor algorithm, the algorithm war

Algorithm The tractor game is a widely circulated tractor game, some areas are also called upgrades or double pull (some say upgrades and tractors are different), the tractor game in the basic rules of change, mainly to increase the fun of the game, Learning Resources List name: Quick Start Address: Description: This site is Microsoft. NET technology, we don't have to install the QuickStart sample program in the. NET Framework to see this example directly on the Web. Name:

Alternative Resources

Alternative Resources Stingy God, 2001.08.25 Suddenly found himself IE favorites in the dotnet link slowly more, from the beginning of the one or two to now more and more links. I think it's because more and more people are starting to be

The innovation of DOTNET:LINQ and 3.0

Ado Do you know the major innovation and reform of Microsoft 's next Generation 3.0 data access technology? In order to allow you to preview the future of 3.0 technology, although the priest has been busy in the 2.0

Dotnet Framework Source code pattern (i)--Directory

Patterns in dotnet Framework source code (II.)--Preface Pattern in dotnet Framework source code (III)--iteartor (iterator mode) Patterns in dotnet Framework source code (IV)--abstract Factory (abstract Factory mode) Patterns in the Dotnet

Where do you usually meet DBNull?

Today is not only outsourced, but also run to the Hongqiao airport to help implement. It is a pity to come here again as if there is nothing to do. :) Just can write blog. Just a few days to write database operations more, it is time to write about

Mscorwks.dll status in. NET and Code protection applications

Mscorwks.dll is the core file of dotnet, especially in net2.0, where previously dispersed functionality is concentrated in this DLL. net1.1, there is also a document Mscorsvr.dll and Mscorwks.dll are equal status. They correspond to Windows service

10 tools that a. NET developer should have

NUnit to write unit tests Http:// NDoc to create code documentation Http:// NAnt to build your solutions Http:// Codesmith to generate code Http:// FxCop to

Object-oriented application in database applications (dotnet)

Program | objects | data | Application of database object-oriented in database application (dotnet) Today's application is a large part of the database-related programs, and write database programs will involve a lot of data tables, access and

dotnet WinForm FAQ 16 (first)

dotnet WinForm Create FAQ Stingy God, 2001.08.31 How to build your first form and hope the following instructions can be a guideline for your quick start. 1. How to set a from boundary 2. How to create a transparent from 3. How to set

PHP Learning Notes Function statement (ii)

Copy CodeThe code is as follows: /* * 1. Internal function: PHP can declare function inside function * The purpose is to call inside the function * Used to help external functions complete some sub functions * * 2. Recursive function: Call your own

Schema in dotnet framework source code (IX)--flyweight (mode of privilege)

The use of sharing technology to effectively support a large number of fine-grained objects. When dealing with strings in. NET, there is an important mechanism, called the string-resident mechanism, in which the use of the element pattern is used.

Will Java become obsolete because of ROR?

Four years ago, when I started preaching hibernate and attacking EJBs, it was accusation, but less than a year later, Hibernate was popular and accepted by most Java developers. Three years ago, when I started praising Spring, Spring was also faced

Easily implement thumbnails in dotnet with C #

Before thumbnails, implementing thumbnails on a page must be aided by Third-party components. Now that you have. NET, you can easily implement thumbnails. Here is an example of implementing a thumbnail. Tothumbnailimage.aspx inherits=

. NET Resource site Rollup

Name: Quick StartAddress: This site is Microsoft. NET technology, we don't have to install the QuickStart sample program in the. NET Framework to see this example directly on the Web.******************

How to use this article to solve our project's reference to a generic COM component: Strong Name When referencing the activex/com component

active|activex| resolution  csharp Tips: Strong name     When referencing activex/com components select from Mittermeyer Blog   Problem Dotnet platform provides a relatively complete class library, but the first version is never exhaustive, and due

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