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A brief analysis of Geometry objects

The Arcengine geometry library defines the vector representation of the basic geometry, with the top geometries of points, multipoints, polylines, polygons, multipatches, The Geodatabase and drawing systems use these geometries to define the

Using PPT2010 to make a line chart with better effect

This article or through the "graphics and text to explain a use of PPT2010 to make 3D histogram" case, detailed instructions on how to better use PPT2010 to make a line chart with outstanding visual effects. The production method is as follows: 1,

Summary Word2003 draw arrow Nylon slash arrow, double arrow, polyline Arrow

This is the simplest, usually in Word drawing tools by default can be used. WORD2003 Draw a polyline arrow method In the Word2003 can not directly draw a polyline arrow, we can draw a horizontal line, a vertical line, and then draw an

The clock that calls the component implementation of DirectX

The following code is the clock that the component implementation of the DirectX called. It has three pointers that will change in real time with the changes in the system. But I did not do the scale, because I think the program to draw the scale is

C # for the two development of MAPX Control basic operation

The part of the article introduces the basic use code of MAPX, this article continues to explore some of the basics of controls, including zooming in, zooming out, scaling to initial size (full picture), panning, rectangular selection, circle

How to edit graphics in PowerPoint2013

How to edit graphics in PowerPoint2013 1, start PowerPoint2013 and create a new document, on the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click the Shape button, select the Freeform option in the Open Drop-down list, as shown in Figure 1. Then draw

Excel2013 Tutorial easy to produce a performance trend chart

Operation Steps: 1, first, the establishment of a simple tabular data, including names and sales of each month, select the table area, click the menu bar-insert-line chart, select the first two-dimensional line chart can be. 2, after

Flash games-See the algorithm big reveal

Algorithm The topic is a bit exaggerated, because the game is a relatively simple game. However, the technical issue of this simple game is the basis of a class of games such as Tetris, card games and so on. Through the analysis of this game

AutoCAD Boundary and surface domain

The concept of 6.2.1 boundary and the creation command The so-called boundary (boundary) is the contour of a closed area, using a boundary command to automatically analyze the contour of the region according to any point in the enclosed area, and

Steady Silverlight 2.0 Series article index

Online Demo Http://www.cnblogs.com/webabcd/archive/2008/10/09/1307486.html 1, slow-moving Silverlight (1)-1.0 examples of electronic tables 2, steady-motion Silverlight (2)-1.0 examples of support for recording and playback of the piano

The usage skill Summary of WPS office Office software

1. Calculate the number of occurrences of a string in WPS How do you count the number of times a string appears in the article in WPS? To do this: use the "Replace" dialog box, fill in the "Find what" and "Replace with" dialog box to enter the

Excel tip: Working with missing data for a line chart

When you create a polyline chart in Excel, if some cell data in the data region is missing, that is, the cell is blank, a notch appears in the line chart, which results in a line chart that is not attractive, or it is less intuitive to reflect the

The first experience of Fireworks MX2004 's shapes (two

2, circular related tools (1) Doughnut Tool (ring tool) When you select the tool for the Toolbox and draw on the edit area, you see a graphic like the following figure: After processing, we can also see the relevant prompt box for the three control

Fifth chapter-delphi Graphic image Programming (i) (1)

In Delphi, a set of objects and parts are defined to draw graphics and perform some simple image functions. Using these objects, parts of the method, can easily draw a variety of commonly used graphics, by setting their properties, you can get

ACCESS: Defining relationships between tables

Introduction to "Relationships" In an Access database, there is a relationship between the data in different tables, which links each data record in each table in the database to the only subject in the database, making the operation of a single

How do you use the EXCEL2016 Forecast worksheet forecast?

Excel 2016 has a function called "forecast Worksheet", which can analyze the future trend of things from historical data, and show them in the form of graphs, which is helpful to visually observe the development direction or development trend of

The processing of audio material in FLASH

Here is the introduction of the basic knowledge of music in Flash, if you want to know how to deal with the music in Flash, please read this article. Flash provides several methods for using sound. You can make the sound play independently of the

AutoCAD Modify multi-segment line

For multiple-segment line objects created with the "pline" command, users can modify them using the "pedit" command. The command is invoked in the following way: Toolbar: "Modify II (Modified II)" → Menu: "Modify (modified)" → "Object (object)" → "

Slow and steady Silverlight (7)

Steady Silverlight (7)-2.0 graphics Ellipse,line,path,polygon,polyline,rectangle Introduced Silverlight 2.0 Graphics: Ellipse-Oval Line-Wire Path-a series of interconnected lines and curves Polygon-Polygon, closed graph, beginning and end

How to design a useful and readable chart

The age of data visualization will not be outdated chart design! Today Ali's liuying students to a simple and efficient tutorial, two steps away, first taught you to accurately express the chart data, and then help you improve the readability of the

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