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Hello everyone, I am a stone. At present, there are a large number of SEO personnel as well as the author in the Enterprise station optimization, may be in the optimization method has been similar, nothing more than updating the site, the chain of construction, Friendship link exchange. But there will still be a lot of keywords we have done for three months, or even longer time to optimize to the first page of Baidu, what is the reason? is because the keyword competition is too big, or execution is not good, or simply SEO strategy has a problem? These aspects we have to seriously think, do SEO the hardest is to try and breakthrough. Generally we are committed to customers 1-3 months on the first page of Baidu, but if not to do not only to lose a list, but also lose a customer's trust. So before committing to the customer must think well, I can guarantee what, I can't guarantee anything.

The same is done outside the chain of construction, the same is to do content updates, why do not you stand up? This question is difficult to use one or two words to say clear, do Enterprise Station SEO What exactly do we spell? External chain resources or original content? or the user experience? As an SEO practitioner we can do a good job is only content and outside the chain, But do these also not necessarily can let rankings up, SEO road is still very long, we need to continue to practice and groping. The author divides the enterprise station into two main categories: the old station and the new station.

The first category: The SEO strategy for the old station

I have done an old station optimization, keyword competition degree medium, but the optimization two-month ranking is always stable in a range, flattening. This situation I think a lot of SEO people have met, why the old station is difficult to do up? Of course, this is also relative to the new station, according to the author's experience, many old stations due to long-term neglect management, coupled with some of the SEO error understanding, such as: I see many enterprise station program to generate a large number of anchor text, An article appeared a lot of anchor text points to the home page, such as the article pages are difficult to be Baidu included, the station anchor text flooding also has the suspicion of excessive optimization. Such problems often appear in some domain name long Enterprise station, so received such a list after we have to do SEO diagnosis, and then rectification.

The old station domain name is comparatively long, general words will be a bit PR value, but now the PR value is no longer so important, for Baidu is so, now for friendship links will value the weight of Baidu, but the old domain name than the new domain weight is certainly high, even if no Baidu weight does not matter. If the search engine to an old station's impression is not good, then naturally will not give the Hello rank, like this person has been pulled into the blacklist. We need to try to make the old station have a better new face, let the Niang again to accept him.

Category II: SEO Strategies for new stations

Now Baidu is more optimistic about the new station, especially the enterprise station, we can find many new stations did not do how many outside the chain, not many included, but the ranking has been in the first three pages. Some even the first page, the new station we do not need too many outside the chain, in particular, green Luo attack this period of time, no chaos is to do outside the chain or exchange links, all have to ask for more relevant, in fact, a site piled up too much garbage outside the chain of resources, not only for keyword rankings, but also has a negative impact. Personally think that this is a lot of people do a lot of outside the chain, for a long time but did not see the keyword ranking rise. New stations need more quality content, of course, there are high-quality outside the chain, each of these SEO people are clear.

Personally think that the new station also need to focus on one aspect of attention: whether the optimization over, the new station can not appear too many anchor text, in fact, I found that many articles added anchor text can not be included, new station is so, so the new station in the update original article or False original article, do not add anchor text in the article. Wait one months or so appropriate to add anchor text, the enterprise station is the most important ranking means or outside the chain, although now we are more inclined to user experience and content, but in fact most of the enterprise stand in these two aspects of the poor. In the SEO operation of the Chinese and foreign chain is the biggest difficulty coefficient, to the relevance of high, but also more extensive.

The above author roughly talked about some of the old station and the new station view, generalities and no depth, a lot of things have not yet mentioned the idea. After all, for SEO understanding, many SEO people are not the same, but the idea and feel can not guide us to do SEO, or rely on data. From the data to analyze some of their own SEO essence, good today stone to the chatter to this! This article is produced by the effect drawing (http://www.3da3d.com/) original publication reprint Reservation address Thank you

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