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With the continuous revision of Baidu algorithm, but also make the site optimization work more difficult, optimization time is more and more long, many site optimization personnel are eager to get rankings, using some of the methods to make the search engine offensive, resulting in the site not only was down the right, and even was plucked hair, The author of this article is mainly the analysis of the Hefei moving company this site's current situation and how to rationalize the optimization of the site, want to really from this article when the knowledge, please follow the author of every step, only their own hands to try, just really understand the principle.


First in the Baidu search box input "Hefei moving Company", the author's website is the fourth place in the second page, because the website establishment time only one months, therefore very regrettable is the website has been in "11" mechanism, estimated this is so-called "Baidu sandbox" bar, but did not care, Our website optimization personnel are not have super "patience", I have plenty of time and Baidu to kill, please click to enter this Hefei moving company website.


First of all, to analyze the site home page optimization, there are a lot of site optimization staff for how to control the keyword density of the home page is more confused, we can see the author of this moving site "Company Profile" page, where the content is the author with custom HTML to write out, before the template is not this layout, and the whole homepage of the keyword density is through this "company profile" layout to control, this is a very good control of keyword density method.


This article updates the column believe that you should understand the site optimization personnel It is the use of it, it is the whole station call, so as long as the update of an article, you can reach all the pages of the site are updated, the author why not use the "random call" function, Because the author found that the function of random call article although can maximize the exposure of Web site content page, but found that this will lead to instability in the chain, you think, today, Baidu Spider Crawl, random out of the article page of the chain suddenly increased dozens of or hundreds of, but come again tomorrow, the discovery has gone, This will have a little impact on the weight of the site, so I gave up this random call function.


The role of link columns is absolutely all outside the chain of tactics, enhance the site weight and ranking the best one, from the chain you can see, most of the moving companies are the site, and a small part of the site is not relevant, this is the author deliberately added, I think that although the friendship link must exchange the same industry, But if it's all a moving company link, inevitably, Baidu will think that some optimization over, so will add links to other industries, and see the author of this link column width, can only accommodate 28 links, because the export link too much, will affect the weight of the site itself.


There are only two main columns, one is moving industry news, another is moving industry common sense, I insist on updating 1-2 articles every day, the article is deeply false original, although Baidu now advocates original content, but the author is not a moving company after all, for the moving industry does not understand, So the article can only be obtained through other moving company's resources, the author mainly do is the home page of the several main words, so the column page does not do too much optimization, only the pursuit of clean code, the maximum shorten the code, improve the opening speed of the page.


Content pages are mainly "around the word" optimization method, we can see through the source code, the author of the article title using the H1 tag, and in the article for the first time in the article title are used fervent label, and each article has done a link to the home page main keyword anchor text link, This can improve the number of key words in the chain, and also do not know that everyone has not noticed the author of each article page called the article "link" address, why I do not use anchor text to invoke it, as long as everyone in the Baidu box input " inurl: "You will find that in the search results will automatically highlighted that" link to the article "Red, the role of this is to be able to enhance the site URL weight, in addition to the bottom of the article called the column, originally I do not want to use the" random call ", but in order to interspersed with links to the articles, So I let it use random display, the specific effect of the author is still in the test, there is also a point of concern is that "friend recommended down the box", I do not know whether this is the ranking has no use, but the author found that a small number of moving companies in the home page of Baidu used it, but also through Baidu search friend recommend this thing, Found that there is an article that it can improve the ranking of the site, so hold a try attitude, there is no effect has to be a period of time to clear.

The above is the author analysis of their own Hefei moving company website Some content, the author has put the site overall optimization of the main points are not retained exposure, I believe that the site to optimize the staff a little inspiration, perhaps you can learn from this article to the surface of the station optimization means, the author is still that sentence, The real learning is to analyze yourself.

This article by the Hefei Moving company Webmaster original offer, reprint please keep the link address, thanks!

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