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Every webmaster wants their website built, in a few months to the Baidu home page, and then began to make money, this is the dream of every webmaster, but 11545.html "> We have this goal, we should also know more about how to make a website healthy development, so that spiders like, Let the user like, this is our focus. Below Dawn seo to say what factor will let your website get negative points?

Web sites that spiders often can't access

Search engines want their users to have a good experience. If your site often for some reason can not open, this will seriously affect the user's image of the site, over time, Baidu will think you this site is a low quality site. This is a very serious problem.

Second, the page similar or the same content

As we all know, a good website, content is very critical. A site only good content to attract more users to visit the site. And a poor site, the search engine on the page similar or the same content, for spiders, is not a friendly thing, a user if a continuous open several sites on the content is the same, this will cause users to the site lose confidence, do not want to open this site again, so, Now Baidu to create our original content to write, Baidu a series of algorithm changes, all illustrate this point.

Third, link to low quality or spam site

Dawn Blog thought that one of the ways to hurt site ranking is to put a website link to a low quality or spam site, generally speaking, a site has a small number of junk links do not affect the ranking, but if a site for short-term rankings, and the use of a large number of low quality links or spam links, It certainly has an impact on rankings.

Iv. participating in link planning or actively selling links

Many webmasters have done one thing, that is to buy links or sell links, through this means to achieve the goal of the first page quickly, in the Baidu Green Luo algorithm, the industry has been very hot, but also led to some employment problems, many beginners do every day in the computer with the outside chain work. Ranking effect is also very obvious, but for search engines, so that can not determine which site is high quality, which sites are spam sites, which seriously affected the ranking specifications, after Baidu updated the Green Luo algorithm, this ranking rule was restricted. Many of the sites that sell links are therefore greatly affected. Outside the chain industry heat also dropped markedly. Search engines do not like the webmaster to transfer link weights for the purpose of selling links.

Page title repeat or no label

Title as one of the most important ranking factors for site rankings, so if there is no title for a site to write a unique title tag may be a negative rank signal. Accordingly, the description tag and the keyword tag are all the same, and may be considered potential

Negative ranking factor.

A good site, we need to take care of, rather than to take shortcuts, with some abnormal means to do so that our website can go farther, better.

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