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How to optimize a website is reasonable? This in many stationmaster heart, especially the novice stationmaster, I am afraid still is a question! Although now do seo people more and more, but really understand the site optimization and proficient people are not many! This is why there is a stable ranking of sites, and some sites are floating in the rankings is a big reason! But also some novice in doing site optimization, often for a moment ranking effect, and at the use of buying black chain, mass links and other search engines will be considered cheating means. In fact, Web site optimization is very concerned about the strategy and methods! The following is my personal point of view on how to optimize the site is reasonable.

First: Content is king

A lot of webmaster friend a website completes, the first thought is to send how many outside chain (may be see competitor's outside chain too many envious, hehe), in fact such practice is extremely wrong. In the previous few years, perhaps do a lot of "junk outside the chain" can make the site has a good ranking, but now with the search engine algorithm changes, the previous more and more rely on the outside chain of the site, has been in search engine results disappeared! Now the search engine rankings, mainly by the content to win, only good content, High-quality original content, in order to truly long-term win the search engine of the ignorant! So a site to survive, the first thing to fill the content, only a rich content to feed the spider, will let spiders like your website.

Second: internal links to fluent,

Outside the chain is our bad control factors, and the chain is different! The inner chain of a website is we can control flexibly, a website's inner chain, just like the road in the reality, a smooth road, can attract others to go here, can become a road to the p. So a website has a good inner chain, the search engine will think that this site is very friendly to him, so often to crawl your site. Natural collection and weight will be to the corresponding improvement. (about the construction of the chain you can go online or find relevant articles in A5, such a lot of articles, and comb the chain on the site's impact is not small, suggest everyone to check their own site's internal links)

Third: The outer chain is the emperor

In the 1th lecture when said the site outside the chain do not have too much, it is only relative to a new site. If your site has been through the new station, then the chain is very important, of course, that group of means or not desirable, now do outside the chain will be high quality. What is high quality?! First of all, this hair outside the chain of places to search engines are very like, such as: A5, outdated, Sina, NetEase and so on. These sites in the search engine must occupy a very important position, if the outside of the chain, the effect must be very obvious! There is a lot of friends may find that in many forums if not to achieve the corresponding points, it is not with the chain. This I suggest that if you can not bring a hyperlink, then simply do not take a signature, because not the signature of the chain is not a JS call to the search engine is also just a garbage outside the chain, does not play a role.

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