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To search engine marketing as the representative, the network marketing model has quietly arisen, if you still complain about their site traffic too little? Too few orders? Then we have to pay attention to the following content, this article on my personal, how to optimize the experience of the enterprise site, introduced five very practical optimization of corporate Web site recommendations, I believe that through serious study, You must have something to gain.

Optimizing the Enterprise website question one: too little competition keywords? The competition is too intense.

For most corporate websites, their keywords are often their products, and these products in the Internet before the birth of the existence, but because of their own network marketing awareness is too shallow, many of the most intentional keywords have been preempted, leading to a good keyword competition is too fierce, and the industry has not many other keywords to choose from.

Solution: If you are selling "elevated insoles" then keyword not only limited in, this one target keyword above, can be appropriate to "increase the insole wholesale" as the main keyword, may result will be better! and optimize the corporate web site, I prefer the long tail keyword optimization, both "elevated insoles easy to use", "increased insoles which kind of good" Such a form.

Optimization of corporate web site two: too little content, no way to update daily

Our company is "XX bearing" content is very limited, but also want to do site optimization, but no content update how to do ah?

Solution: recommended to see how I have written before the enterprise station how to add content, which introduced 8 kinds of enterprise Station add content method, very comprehensive.

Optimize the Enterprise website problem Three: No place to send out the chain, the correlation is too low

11545.html "> We have some products want to send outside the chain, and then add links to promote, but on the internet did not find the right place, is not related to very low, is not allowed to send outside the chain, this How to do?

Solution: There are many business-to-business platforms that can be used to publish corporate information, so in addition to through the establishment of a wide range of blogs and forums, to these business-to-business platform to publish some outside the chain is also a good choice, but to have regular hair, do not loose fishing, you can see how the good outside the chain? Learn some knowledge of the outside chain.

Optimize the Enterprise website question four: The website content is too similar

Corporate web site Because of the lack of unique content, most of the content is the industry share information, often caused by all the pages are similar to the display, just different product models, and even pictures are the same, the content too similar how to do?

Workaround: Add unique content to each page. For each product to write a unique description of the content, it is best to have more than 100 words, such as what the characteristics of some commodities, and what other differences, with similar products have any competitive advantage, as far as possible to maintain unique.

This article is mainly to share with you, I for how to optimize the corporate web site, common four problems of treatment, if you have more business issues, welcome to comment on the message told me.

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