Four two dials: the post-net-earning era of entrepreneurs

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may have been lucky earned a few barrels of pounds is the reason it, has been a little complacent recently, bent on big projects. See a good project, find procedures to search templates, add content on the project, do a few days and see a good, so slowly shelved, and to do new projects. As time passes, a vicious circle is formed. Domain name collected cooked a pile, filled with space, pay treasure in money but only rarely recorded expenditure.

In fact, the internet business is like a long fat, not only a few days of overeating. Delicacies eat full, only eat bad stomach. But should grains slowly eat, first put the stomach to straighten out, to eat well when the natural weight of incense.

have been wandering between the various programs to find a free and powerful program. Find a lap found, the best or WordPress. WordPress is not a standard CMS (the new version is rumored to add CMS), but the scalability is extremely strong. It was so concise and so delicate. Although compared with some domestic programs in the ease of use of a slightly worse. Taobao also bought a few sets of good tutorials, years ago in the technical aspects of the main study of WordPress.

Free is the most expensive, this sentence is Ma said, I think so. Industrial market is a decade eight years a big change, the network market is three years a big change.

Ten years ago the Internet was a desert, with fewer people and fewer people to do it. Then there is the bubble of that era. Sohu Sina Several internet big guy is rely on investor's money hard to live.

Four years ago the network is blue sea, people just interested in the network, with more people, do not really many people. Big guys start to profit, understand SEO on those few. At that time do net make, as long as the intention, in addition to space domain name is almost no cost can be ruthless fishing a pen. It's appropriate to use an empty glove to describe a white wolf.

And now has gradually entered the Red Sea, and the net to make the market. It's not a big one right now. If you want to win, you have to put in some capital and run two more steps than others. Think a few years ago, Taobao, when the beginning of the CPS, casual BBS qq on a few links can make a small profit, now?

If three years ago the internet market is the era of empty gloves, White Wolf, now is the era of four to dial.

Which 42? One or two capital, one or two technology, one or two ambition, one or two patience.

I believe that you all have 42 of the ability to dial, but, or the first of their 42 components to practice enough.

Author: Liu Wilian


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