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What station is the personal website, my definition is that in addition to the company in the form of operating stations are personal sites. Generally speaking, the personal website has two main characteristics.

One is less people, the vast number of personal sites from the building to the content of the propaganda, are a person doing, such as Zhaoqing part-time network this garbage station;

The second is the capital, the vast number of personal sites are lack of funds, like my stream of stationmaster is almost from living expenses save money to do the website, not like the YOUNGD network has a strong backstage-Guangdong radio support, has a large amount of development funds.

These two characteristics determine the individual station can not and should not be like the portal site as the development, to seek great perfection, blindly follow suit, the end may be nothing. Therefore, accurate positioning, is the personal site to achieve the most critical step.

One, only for a particular group of services. Samsung's success is to seize the white-collar petty bourgeoisie, Baidu Post bar success, is to seize the student group. Personal belongings are missing site, more should concentrate on the advantage, the main focus on a subdivision of the target group. For example, if you want to put the national Internet users pull in, so the pictures, movies, music, jokes a catch, it seems to all ages, but no characteristics, also can not long-term gathering popularity. On the contrary, if you place the forum in the service for a special group, such as a hip-hop forum for people who like hip-hop, a gay exchange forum for homosexuals, and a storytelling forum for people who like storytelling, your forum must be rending and the financial resources will be widely available.

Second, only do their own profound understanding of the content. If you do not understand storytelling, you make out of the storytelling net certainly cannot impress those storytelling enthusiasts, if you do not understand hip-hop, you make out of the hip-hop network may just be some hip-hop pictures and tutorials of the simple display. Only if you have a more in-depth understanding of some aspect of the content, you know what your netizens really like, you can make what they really need.

Third, only do their own promotional resources of the site. It is not difficult to do a website, it is difficult to promote his operation. Yesterday in a Webmaster QQ group met a person, said they want to do a Web site navigation station, and in two months to the IP big 20,000. Then I was surprised by the communication, he even put such as webmaster statistics, such as statistics on the site to visit the number of visitors do not know. I have no language. If you do not have the flow of support, not to burn money, want to put a seemingly HAO123 navigation station to do 20,000 IP is not easy.

If you do not have the flow of support how to do it, no words do not do Web site, no webmaster is willing to join a can not take to what the flow of the Web site. Then, is it not possible to do the station? Of course, do content station, as long as the content editor properly, SEO moderate, then the search engine can bring you a lot of traffic and income.

Four, only do have a profit model of the station. If you think traffic equals income, you're wrong. Accidentally site has a point of traffic, accidentally found several alliances, accidentally account was blocked, careless alliance ran away. If you have a better profit model of the station, such as toy Shopping Network, then, you have the flow, you do not have to worry about making money. A friend asked me what is the profit model? I do the station basically just for the interest, did not want to make money from the above.

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