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About the website keyword, Baidu Encyclopedia gives the explanation is "the website keyword is a website to set the homepage to the user through the search engine can search the vocabulary of this website, the website keyword represents the website market localization." The keyword of the website is very important, if the choice keyword is improper, to the website is disastrous consequence. "It can be said that the site keyword is to determine the ranking of the" spine "," spine "are not, then the follow-up work is basically in vain. Perhaps you have seen a lot of site introduction to determine the keyword method, but the author today is never the same angle to analyze how to correctly determine the keywords of the site.

1. Determine the first condition of the site-the overall planning of the site and the future development of the site.

What is the need for a Web site to survive? Why do you want to do this site, where is the way out? A website's overall goal is not clear, so long doomed it after the road will not be very long. Ask, if you are the wholesale of women's clothing, you do a woman's key words, this is right? A lot of thin stationmaster have done so, perhaps you will say this is right, I am wholesale ladies ' I do not do women's keywords, what do I do?

Below we open the Women's search page, the first is a customer-prudential products, the following in turn is Baidu, as well as Dream Bazaar and other sites, I would like to ask, you a women's wholesale small station can be compared to the fan Baidu such a big site? How many people do you run? In general, this kind of women's clothing is three or four people to operate it, a customer service, a construction station, A promotion, a purchase of goods, and are not clear division of labor. Below we search women wholesale, women's wholesale network, women's wholesale agents and so on to see, now there are a lot of various sites, it is no longer the main station occupy the home page, this difficulty is not very big, and competitive keyword is our target keyword.

Through the above analysis can be seen, to determine the site keyword, first of all, to analyze the location of the site, for example, I was in Kunshan do logistics, then my key words to do Kunshan logistics company, than the logistics company this keyword better. In particular, there are regional restrictions on the site must be in the keyword above add regional words. For example, Beijing xxx, shanghai xxx.

2. Find out 10 or so peer websites to see their keywords

Find 10 of the same industry site, using webmaster tools to check their keywords, and then a one to analyze what they are doing, especially the top three of the site, why other people's Web site will be ranked in the top three, and you do not row? Others can row to the top three sure there is a reason for it, so take a look at the rankings better than the keywords of the site, Analyze their keywords and learn from each other. If it is a relatively unpopular keyword, then let go of these regional restrictions, to expand nationwide, to see those in the national rankings do a better site, analysis of their keywords. But should not pay attention to the site's keywords can not be exactly the same as other sites, so Baidu will think that two sites are similar content, it is likely to reduce the weight of the two sites, other people's website keyword can only play a reference role.

3. Baidu Index Query Keywords index

There are many webmaster tools to query the site's keywords, but the author or the most important Baidu index, after all, is the official Baidu products, authority or higher than the general webmaster tools, ordinary webmaster tools, after all, just simulate Baidu, but Baidu Index is the official tool, so use Baidu Index to check keyword index is very necessary. The general author suggested that the site do index 300 of the following keywords, preferably more than 100, the competition is small, but also suitable for personal webmaster to develop to compete. The average of more than 600 of the index of the site is rarely a person in operation, of course, if the site's staffing quantity enough, it is definitely possible to do a higher index of the word, this will see the first, the site's planning requirements, how many people do.

4. Baidu Related Search

Baidu search for their own to do the keyword, Baidu below will appear related search (now Baidu second page search above also will appear some related search), the relevant search keyword description is also the search for a lot of words, this word does not necessarily have index, but certainly is very relevant words. Of course, we prefer Baidu index 逇 word second look at this Baidu-related search word. For the industry site, may be a lot of the key words are not Baidu index, then this time can use the Third-party webmaster tools to check the index of the key words, here I recommend the use of Love station and webmaster home to check on the line, after all, webmaster tools inside stationmaster tool and Love Station is more comprehensive and authoritative.

5. Only related keywords, do not do unrelated keywords

Here is someone to ask, what is relevant and what is irrelevant? Yesterday I met a friend, do is Xinjiang jujube Wholesale website, and then he did the key words are Xinjiang, Aksu and other such unrelated keywords, I asked him, "Are you going to do news site?" or more than the local news government website? It is clear that this "ambitious" keyword is not related to the keyword, first of all, do not say it can bring traffic, even if the flow, this inaccurate traffic, the site's jump rate at least 90%, not to mention that his site can not rank more than some government news websites. This is the wrong key word I would like to highlight here, I hope that other people do not go this wrong way.

6. Website Long Tail word choice

For the industry website, the necessary long tail words can bring accurate flow, maybe 10 or 20 IPs a day. But can bring more than 5 business to the company, this is much better than select some popular keywords, the hot keyword is obviously competitive, and conversion rate does not necessarily have a long tail word conversion rate is high, Like the hospital category, search Beijing Gynecology Hospital which home is good this rate of conversion is much higher than the conversion rate of Beijing hospital.

7. Some keyword examples--list some of the sample keywords

Machinery and Equipment Category: Beijing machinery and Equipment company XX machinery and Equipment Network

Hardware Tools Category: XX Hardware lock with Beijing hardware mold

Home appliance: Suzhou gree Air conditioner Shanghai Changhong TV

Logistics Company: Shanghai Logistics company Shanghai Freight Company

Network company: Beijing SEO Company Shanghai website Construction

Computer Digital: Shanghai Apple monopoly Beijing Lenovo Monopoly

Hospital Medical care: Beijing Gynecology Department Hospital Shanghai Male Hospital which home is good

The above is the author according to own some relevant experience, to guide you how to correctly choose the Site keyword, no matter how, and peers to do together, is always right, take its essence to its dross, choose the best, create a suitable for their own website keywords, with a solid and reliable "spine" to better grow. Otherwise, it is difficult to develop a crooked neck tree. The above content is edited by Kunshan Jiali Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. to reprint and Exchange.

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