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Recently there are a lot of learning younger brother and some of my friends are asking the same question, is exactly how to learn SEO?

Hunan SEO Analysis:

1, first of all to understand the entire Web site process, from the planning-production-operation.

And in the middle of this, planning is when the site has not been made, in the early stage to have a plan for the entire site, when the plan can start to write code, that is, Web site production, this can also be the site of the early promotion and publicity; Here is the code to note that the bottom of the SEO is in this code specification, This is also the whole website SEO the most important point. After the operation is also a key SEO, the so-called news hype, in fact, the site also needs to run the occasional hype. (like the Jingdong Mall kitchen knife price gate incident, and Dell online purchase price error, etc.)

2, a certain degree of writing skills (soft marketing in the SEO accounted for a very important position, so need a certain language skills; Of course, pseudo original is now the most popular, but not recommended)

3. Know the basic situation of the industry of your website. (as the saying goes: Enemy, victorious.) )

4. Be sensitive to all kinds of news. (When the hype is used)

5, a certain network relationship. (Friends have more roads to go!) )

6, focus on the website after the operation (promotion and promotion):

Register a lot of blogs and forums are currently doing SEO friends the most commonly used method, followed by advertising (where the customer prudential products This site is the advertising effect, he has a large and small web site has ads, this is a successful case). Do SEO to withstand loneliness, because we are doing a very repetitive thing every day, posts, hair outside the chain, find links.

7, Seo a limerick. Http:// the whole process of doing SEO

8, the elder brother does is not the website SEO, is lonely. I also often fashionable, do SEO to be particularly sensitive to news.

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