In-depth analysis of SEO practitioners and SME relations: network environment

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With the increasingly developed Internet, 80, 90, the era of people have gradually become the main force of the current society, and 80, the 90 's people generally understand the internet, rely on, so that it has become an indispensable part of life. It also presses the entire Internet business to another climax. Borrow Niang a word: "Have a problem Baidu a bit", indeed so. Now Baidu also does take on our generation to learn knowledge, find a way to solve the problem of another.

Since our generation is the main force of society, since this part of the people are using the Internet to find what they need. Then we can not ignore the network to enterprises, enterprise products brought about by the potential benefits. This is also the enterprise must take the network propaganda, the network sells this route the main reason. If you are currently a leading enterprise in the industry, in the next 5 years, you do not intend to go online publicity and sales. Then 5 years later you will be someone else to occupy 20% of the share of 10 years after your product will become a 2-line brand. In 15 years, your share of the industry will slowly erode and eventually go bankrupt. I am not alarmist, nor am I talking. This is the reality, this is the progress of society, this is the magic of the network. The national plan is 5 years one, I think I this 5 years a change is also not too.

But chief executive, CEO these positions still 60, 70 's people bear much. 80, the main population of the current as President, CEO role is only a small part. So it has caused some strong top leadership on the Internet is not comprehensive, do not pay attention to, and management is urgent need network marketing this piece of talent to enter. However, a real SEO technology is not willing to stay in the company to get dead wages. This has become the current SEO practitioners are not high, Jing, in this gap to survive the status quo.

For example, the author is currently in a sales, electrolytic capacitor enterprises do SEO, do network promotion, wages are currently only 2700/month, but the current enterprise is in a stage of development, brand image to be shaped on the network. Industry keywords to rank and so on, at present I in the enterprise promotion and corporate branding this piece has certain experience, welcome peers to do technical exchanges. I am currently only serving this site, so some experience will be shared with you.

In fact, people have the director will have a short, understand the SEO technology, it is not necessarily understand enterprise management. Understand business management is not necessarily understand production, understand production is not necessarily understand sales, this is inter-related. Therefore, the real need for a network marketing people to co-ordinate the management, the establishment of a company is also very difficult. Since the enterprise and SEO practitioners have such an urgent need, why not cooperate with each other? Powerful alliances, invincible.

And how to join hands, how to cooperate, how to let the president of the Enterprise, the CEO recognized you, this is inseparable from you really have the talent, have the ability to create a rich performance for the company, profits. If you do not, then everything is free to talk, if you have, please do not brush mouth, take out your skill. Let the performance raise one level and speak with the data. Take the data, take the performance and the company leadership to talk about, a true understanding of people, knowledge of people's leadership is able to recognize your ability, will be generous remuneration, superior conditions to leave you. But also do not rule out some leaders do not want to pay, just want to get your labor results of people, make bridges, xiemoshalv behavior.

This is the main thing I want to talk about today is the relationship between business and SEO practitioners. This article by the feeds!

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