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First of all, I believe that every person on the road to the webmaster, is definitely a very strong expression of desire and infinite creativity.

Because the website is a media, is an information dissemination or exchange platform, and stationmaster, is this media or platform creator and manipulator.

Can imagine a webmaster to enjoy the sense of achievement, more or less.

From the most pristine point of view, when you start to do the first day of the station, you may not think at all, you have a day to become Charles Zhang,

It's ma, or whatever. However, you will definitely think about what the site will be like in the future, although it is impossible to toss it to NSDQ,

But there is at least a loyal group of followers who can provide some practical and meaningful things. And this, may be a webmaster original simple ideal.

These ideals, not related to money, and the cost of the site may have nothing to do with the operation, but also with other likely to encounter the more annoying things.

This is a dream, a new webmaster dream.

You may first think of an idea that you think is great on the Internet or in your head, and then you say to yourself, "Good!"

I'm sure it's nb!. So, it started. Program to build, site construction early, that heroic ah, that lofty ideal ah, really nondescript, such as said: "I want to fight a protracted war, I have to persevere to do this station, I want to do this station what what size, to make grade grade, advertising, never a short time to do, At least not too much too messy. My first consideration is the user experience, search is important, but I will not deliberately pursue. Alexa, love him how.

This process lasts for up to two or three months. A new process begins:

1, originally began to want to do a professional point of the station, the scope of the content is not too wide, but, how unknowingly do the content more and more miscellaneous, more and more scattered?

2, followed by, originally want to seek expertise, but do scattered, the content of a scattered, energy is limited, update on the can not keep up, people, began to haggard.

3, the content starts miscellaneous, your website characteristic is gone, does not have the big attraction.

4, every day to see traffic statistics, neurotic look, an hour to see him several times. Spend more than two hours a day looking at the statistics report.

5, found that search is really good things, from this up a lot. Found that some search keywords are very popular, relying on these few with a bit of traffic, and other, updated every day so many gadgets, a point is not, estimated useless. So, start in the update, do this aspect, blindly pursue hot spots, even to and your website theme irrelevant content also go up, but also crazy seo.

6, hey, there is so little traffic, not too much also a lot of waste is also a pity, or do some advertising bar, do not do it. So put the ads.

7, January down, rely on advertising to get a bit of rice, found that meters and flow is proportional to the truth.

8, we have to increase the flow. Can update their own effect is not good, so began to learn to collect, what hot pick what.

9, the collection effect is obvious, the search comes in to reach 99%. At this time, feel oneself degenerate, because oneself all feel the content of the station is too rubbish, own opinion, worthless. So, 8630.html "> Sometimes very lonely."

10, but can comfort my heart is that the flow has, more meters. Tell yourself: Earn rice is the absolute truth, and to continue to grow to earn!

So, put aside all the ideals, to the third stage:

1. First, do your own ideological work: Do the website, really pay a lot, now the competition is very intense, want to do a original ideal station, really need time and good environment to achieve the dream, and I now, internal outside sleepy, can't afford, want is the vertical pole see shadow. After the conditions, I will take the mentality of playing, with the heart of the realm of no rice, to really do a station, that station, have a good reputation, and pure, a lot of garbage in a little red, in the spring breeze ripples quietly bloom. At that time, it must be beautiful.

2, after the ideological work, do the station train of thought official positioning: To do in the short term to bring considerable flow of the station, mainly rely on strong search, and then use the hype ads strong users.

3, large-scale collection, collection +seo, fear of a small day. Set goals for yourself: How many online sites per month, the monthly output content page not less than how many million.

4, rice, slowly rising point, and strive to do more content, people began to numb. Still neurotic look at statistics, and then look at the advertising account in the meter, their own station, in addition to the background, basically did not go.

5, occasionally for Baidu seal rice Small trouble, more occasionally to Baidu criticisms because of your IP (eldest brother, too a point bar).

6, occasionally see a self think good rice, immediately give a note. The background of the domain name business just congratulate you to register successfully, you start again for dozens of dollars and regret.

7, sometimes think that their technology is OK, want to broaden the point of income generation channels, so the Forum QQ group yelling orders.

8, sometimes will be smart-looking at dozens of dollars to buy chicken on the open space to sell money, what is not limited and cheap, but you also have no way to ensure that the chicken when will fly?

9, finally, you find yourself a versatile, do a lot of things.

10, and finally, you find yourself penniless and not creating anything of value.

Some day of the month, one of your fans (and then a bad station will have users) as in the past to skillfully knock down the familiar web site,

That URL must be very good to remember, it may be registered at that time, full of poetic, meaningful, it may be like Sina or Sohu as perfect,

Even you fantasize that one day, the domain name will become the mantra of the streets and lanes: we see xxx. com. But, on that day,

The fan was disappointed and frustrated because, in the face of his, or the page could not be displayed, or a bunch of parking links, but also failed,

The domain name has expired, or ...

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