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Buy a link to believe stationmaster all know, early a station, general will not have a friendship link with you, a single stand to think, who will bird you. Recently I found that some stationmaster really is willing to pay! The new station just built good immediately went to buy 100-200 of the chain is all pr4-5 station link average one station 2 Yuan 200 is 400!! This number says little fiction is not big!! And their goal can definitely be for PR. Here is a simple talk about the good and bad buy links. If you think it's meaningful, look down. (say the bad place also please forgive me!)

The benefits of the purchase chain

PR is to do the station's key PR come up to prove your standing in Google has a certain amount, and the flow from Google will certainly be more, this is very stable flow, because Google is not like Baidu, for a new station, Baidu ranked instability so that the flow is also unstable. New station just building Baidu definitely do not know your station exists, and purchase link, Baidu will be from you to do the friendship link that station, by the way crawl to your website, this is a good method for Baidu included. According to common sense, GG PR is generally three month update once! I also built a garbage station, at present, I this steel station in the early stage can only be said to be rubbish garbage. I think the PR update will have unexpected surprises!! (Of course I bought it too!) PR update I would like to be sure to can not say PR rushed 4, 5, at least there is a 2--3 bar. So you look at the paragraph three months, your new station to p2--3--4--5. Do you think it's worth it?

Disadvantages of buying Links:

Do not think that the purchase link is all right, the purchase of links when people notice No. such as selling links to your station PR value in 1---3 there should be a servers at this stage, this link is only worth 3 dollars a, in the A5 forum large, and Baidu is the most do not like servers, a but Baidu found the other side of the link, it is very likely to the other station down the right, of course, you stand large and small will have a little influence, My other is also Non-mainstream station, didn't understand before, PR0 website link I bought, now I have PR1. Think, those stations are all the servers, they are a bit afraid, Baidu is included, but the snapshot has not been updated, of course, this is the content of the site and outside the chain of things. Therefore, the PR value update, if your station PR value on the steps, it is best not to buy, the time to do friendship links will be a lot of people looking for you, if you do not want to do a good job, you can also sell. Get the damage back!

And Google, this aspect of the more powerful Google has a robot also has artificial search, Google will send artificial to check whether the site has a suspicion of buying links, as to how to check I do not say, anyway careful is. Don't expect to buy a link to make your stand up, this is just the site to do the earlier.

I feel like to be a good webmaster so little pay is nothing. Money is not very big, imagine, 3 dollars a link, 10 down is 30 yuan (one months) novice webmaster not to try!!

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