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Setting up a website is like opening a company, before opening a company need to have sufficient preparation, who dares to fight the battle without certainty? Of course, in the establishment of a website before also need to have adequate preparation, although the construction station did not open the company so troublesome, but the construction station also need to spend mind to operate, otherwise the website how can become the climate. Therefore, the webmaster need to do before the station to do something, can let their website normal operation, or even good enough?

1, register a good domain name

The domain name is the cornerstone of the network, is the website gate sends the number, represents a website the image, the stationmaster must register carefully before building a website related domain name. Domain names should be combined with their own site name, the site's brand image to register, and the domain name can not be too long, so as to be easy to remember, so that your site is easier to remember. And a simple, meaningful domain name is also conducive to search engines, because the domain name and optimization also has a direct relationship, so for the webmaster, before the construction site to register to a good domain name has been successfully taken a small step.

2, choose a good host service provider

Why say choose a good host service provider rather than say to buy a good virtual host? Because a virtual host speed, stability, security, etc. are directly provided by the service provider, if the webmaster can choose a good host service provider that will not worry about the quality of the host, even if the host failure, service providers do a good job, Also do not affect the development of the site and webmaster mood. As a result of the current host provider, the lack of knowledge of the IDC webmaster, this time can be on the virtual host evaluation Network to choose a service provider, through the assessment of users to do a good job of these service providers to do a comparison, the webmaster want to buy a good virtual space is not so difficult. Total than oneself blindly bump, finally or buy a frequently failed host more worry. The use of professional platform to provide the opportunity to choose a good space for their website, so as to provide a high-quality Web site operation of the network environment, which is the foundation of the success of the station.

3, to the site accurate positioning

Have the domain name, space and stationmaster's ability is everything, only owe Dongfeng. Said before, do the station is like to open a company, open the company need to do planning, that do the site also need to do integrated planning. Although this integration planning seems very esoteric, in fact very simple, the webmaster before building a station as long as you want to know what kind of station, this station's profit model, and to the site to take a good name is also one of the planning. To do the above, you have to think deeply, if someone has done the same station before you, that webmaster will have to go beyond, this time the core location of the site can be used, the webmaster to find their own unique ideas to do the station, the idea of their own integration into the core of the site, the site's brand image, do station purposes, Development goals are integrated into the core positioning, the future direction of the development of the site more clearly, can make the site quickly stand out.

Webmaster as long as have a good domain name, buy a good space, plus their own accurate positioning of the site, that can build a good website. A good enough site to the webmaster to bring more harvest, so the station before the site to have sufficient preparation, spend more thoughts to operate, to let the site will be born to thrive, so as to achieve the purpose of profit.

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