Podcast Marketing II: Podcasts will work or compete with television

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This time, we discussed with another podcast marketing expert Mark McCrery. It is Podtrac's Ceo.podtrac is the leader in creating podcasts that can apply automated ad insertion and measurement techniques.

Harry Gold: Can you brief me on your company?

Mark Mccrery:podtrac is the largest advertising network for online audio and video podcast content Services. Our services are used in many podcasts to provide advertisers with sophisticated audience measurement and advertising transmissions. Podtrac's measurement, demographic analysis, content rating and http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/17575.html "> Advertising service capabilities provide the infrastructure for linking advertisers to podcasts, video media audiences.

Harry Gold: What advertisers do you have?

Mm:podtrac has worked with many advertising agencies and well-known national brands. These include leading film, television and home entertainment companies, credit card brands, computer and consumer electronics manufacturers, wireless operators and car dealers.

Harry Gold: Can you describe the podcast from the industry and your own network?

Mark McCrery: Of course, from the perspective of audience size, the most popular podcast, each program has more than 200,000 listeners and viewers. From the content point of view, there are some of the most popular news and entertainment content. The percentage of content consumed throughout the market is as follows:

Kinds of audiences (%)

News: 25 Comedy: 25 Technology: 8 TV and Movie: 8 Art: 7 Music: 6 Education: 3 Science and medicine: 2 Social and Cultural: 2 Business: 2

The average percentage of what people use to listen to or watch content is as follows:

Number of equipment (%)

Computer 45 Portable Device 52 other 4

Harry Gold: Can you describe the prospects and future changes of the podcast?

Mark McCrery: In the days to come, when measurement technology is upgraded, audiences can be fully described, and the advertising list can be accurately valued, the content for television production will slowly shift to the online. This will become commonplace in the next few years. And in the television and online advertising sales organizations will try to achieve cooperation to understand market trends and to meet consumer changes in the media consumption habits. Like other online audio and video content, TV content will be used as podcasts to meet consumers.

From the perspective of independent media companies, many online programs have built up a competitive audience with cable networks and are doing so at a much lower cost. When advertising costs continue to flow to this space, the quality of the independent program has been good, there will be better quality performance. Moreover, because most of the online content is relatively short, so the advertising form is also relatively short, so in most cases, can be more efficient and more directional. The online series will eventually yield benefits.

Harry Gold: Thanks to mark, we're going to talk to some of the heavyweight podcasts and people who have sponsored podcast lessons next week.

(Original: October 30, 2007; compiling: Shi Ying)

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