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Reasonable optimization is conducive to the natural ranking of the Web page, however, there are always some black hat seo appears, with a large number of mass software to send spam information, cheating search engines, very vulnerable to the search engine engineers to deal with, cheating is not long-term, real do content promotion is important, Below Guangdong SEO Association and everybody analyzes the search engine to the key word cheat some recognition.

The early keyword piling up, is directly collects the user searches the keyword, pieced together makes the article, only faces the search engine, does not face to the visitor, for this kind of practice, when search engine management expert discovers, immediately will dispose to the website.

How does a modern search engine identify the key words to cheat? To play a metaphor, the content of the article represents a, the keyword represents b, when the keyword B accounted for the proportion of the content of an hour, identified as normal, when the key word B accounted for the proportion of the content a large, will be identified as a This means that the keyword density is not too high.

So to remind you not to keyword piling lucky psychological cheating, search engine development to today has been very strong, coupled with the search engine engineer Occasional manual sampling check (basically none), the key words cheat is not escape the search of discernment.

What is the best keyword density? Of course, each search engine for keyword density processing is different, the proportion is different, the density processing can elevate the rank, the density is too big, has the opposite effect. Shenzhen SEO Association recommended in the 3%-8% density between the more friendly, but we do not compare the density of the fuss, the pursuit of nature is the best.

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