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Website must ultimately edit the article, including articles within the station, articles outside the station. We talk about drainage, talking about the promotion of the article, whether there is no home page, etc., assuming that all of your articles and others are the same, have you ever wondered why other people's articles and you a theme , But it is reading more than you, the conversion effect is better than you, and even if you included or not compared with others not included? Mainly because of the editor of the article is not serious, there is no sense of pain, there is no grasp Visitor weakness.

Many companies require 50 pieces of editorial work each day, 40 articles, the results are in the copy and paste, a little easier to edit it, hastily, 50 articles a day must be carefully edited, anyway, I can not. As I took over the management of some editors, I made 2 major decisions at the request of the majority of editors. The first was to reduce the number of editorial articles per editorial day by half, from 20 to 10, The other two are the other times, and I'll show them the most visited and converted articles to summarize the highlights. (Including articles in your own website, as well as well-written copyrights on the Internet)

In fact, a lot of pressure, although I reduced their workload, so that they spend more time editing articles, hoping to use quality to make up for the reduction in the number. But there is no standard performance appraisal, there is no return of one interest, 20 are also written, 10 are written, well written they will not take more, they write well not less, this is the biggest problem, It is hard to control if you do not seriously edit, so there is no way but to deal with the emotional card plus the emotional card. I can not change the rules of the company, but I can give them other benefits.

Back to the topic, why other people's reading is more than you? I want them to carefully edit what? Let them sum up what? Let them seize what? Two words: weakness. The biggest problem with these edits is that the hay finished writing the article, just as the machine automatically generated, even after I read through without any emotional fluctuations. We are going to marketing, not to engage in any academic reports, technical articles, bluntly put the product in front of the user, the article what? To seize the pain points, to capture the weaknesses of this consumer group, as long as we can break the weaknesses. Including many large enterprises, take a look at their copywriting, you will find that each is very touching, after reading want to join, I believe we have seen more or less.

All marketing is weak marketing, is aimed at our inherent human weakness and acquired the judgment. Think of you in the war on electricity supplier grab the discount goods, think you always want to buy foreign brands in the shopping, think you buy pirated discs, think you see the million dollar program to create excitement, think you see After the beautiful pictures of hand cheap click, think you see free, fast, daily earn, earn monthly, you know the vocabulary and other impulses, these are from your weakness is marketing, demand is being developed, the desire is met.

In reality, there are many human weaknesses: greed, fear, blind obedience, jealousy, laziness, lust, greed vanity, sensational, temptation, fear of loneliness, love of free, inferiority, attention to level, superstitious expert, title party, worship celebrities , Likes to follow the crowd, and so on all the weaknesses of human nature, is being used and marketing. I do not want to miss, so my goal is simple, reduce the number of articles to increase quality, touch user weaknesses in the process of editing articles, to meet their desires, the disease continue to tap user weaknesses.

Just a little, to seize the weaknesses in addition to means and text landscaping, the quality of the article must not be ignored. Weakness is not equal to the title of the party is not equal to the title of the party does not mean chaos, but not equal to malicious deception, weaknesses based on the quality of the article based on the establishment of your business service capabilities based on these weaknesses should be naturally embedded in Inside the article, slowly breaking the user's psychological defense, which we are still trying to strengthen the summary, I hope all my friends think about it.

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