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I am a novice webmaster so everyone in the group call me a rookie webmaster, I have two stations tianyu import bearings and imported bearings home, first to introduce me to do the motivation of the station, at first I was in an import bearing trading company as a salesman, at that time just enough to live (here is to paste their own mouth), do a very hard, often on business trips , even to visit some factories, the factory guard unexpectedly put the dog (hehe, true, do not believe).

At the end of 06, the company began to bid in Baidu and GG, from the business phone began to start more, the Boss? Also do not let us travel, because from Baidu and GG bidding to the phone is very strong, basically as long as the real need to deal, so that the boss does not let us travel because he is afraid of wasting travel expenses, May be other reasons, since then several of our salesman to the company every day to play cards, drinking, because there is nothing to do, and then the boss to see that we have no drive, but also afraid of our collective job-hopping so began to shift the business phone to us, so it does not matter, In the days to come we start for who's business phone points more, who's simple and easy to deal with, and so on, the problem is more, the original very harmonious relationship between colleagues no longer, finally we have left the company.

When I came out, I started to do the station, because the factory was so good at that time to do, it is the money themselves into the pocket drill (see people earn money on the envy!) At first, do not understand anything, just ask a friend to help buy a space and domain name is, buy will not do how to do? Headache for a while, because the thought of a classmate in college when the computer let people help do stand! Oh! It's going well. , because he was only on a period of time and did not graduate (not that I uncovered short), station is out, six months did not make business, has not known what is the reason, inadvertently see the point of stone on the optimization of the post, so slowly understand, friendship links, internal connections, bold, H1 and so on the most basic knowledge of the website, At that time to know what things to do on the station to do experiments, especially to find links, how also can not find, (because that time did not know there are self-help chain), know the self-help chain after the quickly add, add a few, what 265 ah! At that time stood pr=2, there is nothing to alarm, Because do not know what is PR, finally one day my station by Baidu punishment .... Then the SEO is no longer so mysterious, my vision is wide, admin5, outdated, grassroots, and so on and learned the key words, title, description, hehe! Now finally better, included also can be a good ranking, hey, even though the level of the Web site is still very poor at least will do friendship links .... Then began to expand the business to import bearings, SKF bearings, nsk bearings, and so on, and so on, and so the keyword SEO optimization, but also for the money began their so-called SEO learning in the

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