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Really all the search engines are included in the chain with the relationship? This is a lot of webmaster friends of a misunderstanding, I am also a new station, my 166 navigation network, just do also less than a year, although there is no achievement but always got some small experience, before the time, I like everyone else, think more do outside the chain will be more, has been very hard to do, unfortunately, our dear search engine is not to come, or to have not much feeling (included).

Everyone see my collection This is a collection of 51la is not much, ah, I said today's focus is only on GG, look outside the chain map.

My google included outside the chain only two, but included 3,190, and Baidu, Yahoo, Sogou, Youdao, included but all different, like Youdao, outside the chain are 62, but only 17, this is a good description of the chain and included in the real relationship is not close, in Google included in the day to reduce the time, I and every webmaster, Every day to try to update (in fact, my station, is three days plus one or two articles, and still take others), maybe a lot of webmaster will ask me, why, every few days my GG will be so high, long so fast, basically the whole station included.

I just made a few little gestures on the 10-16 day, say really I, I do not think this must have a relationship with this, maybe GG changed the algorithm, but I think how much with what I do a little bit of relationship, so I share to everyone, that is the traffic IP and PV values (page heat), that is, each page access times, If your site is included, one months no one to visit, I think GG will take him out, of course I just for GG, Baidu is not like this, Baidu is relatively small included and went to delete, perhaps he is not one months but half a year, this has not been confirmed.

On the October 16 that day I did so, the site of the whole station down, point, ah, the method is a bit stupid, but the next day I saw the light, ha. I thought I was looking for a problem, how can be a sudden rise, writing level is limited, write the bad, just give us some ideas, bad also hope veteran pointing,

My is 166 navigation station (, very like to do the navigation station Friends Exchange, how better to operate the navigation station.

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