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It seems that anything is two opposites at any time, this may be a natural law, even if the SEO is also has two different factions, this is black hat seo and white hat seo, we have discussed the most of the technology is limited to white hat seo above, This kind of SEO technology is very stable, our users use this technology can play a very good optimization effect.


But and black Hat SEO optimization effect is not enough, but this is not to say that Black hat seo is what we should choose, we have said that the so-called SEO optimization technology is actually a search engine based on the indirect optimization technology, We are in the use of this technology is not considered for the promotion with a specific site, we are considering how the limited scope of the site to optimize the search engine rankings to improve, based on this basic principle we can achieve general SEO optimization.

Can be seen in fact, SEO technology will be able to optimize the effect or should search engines to decide, we all know that search engines are looking at their own visibility within the scope of all the site can be benign competition, so for its own is the most advantageous. But the so-called Black hat SEO is not going to take into account the idea of our search engine hungry, so it is to study a lot of use of search engine vulnerabilities to achieve optimization methods, these optimization methods are we in the specific optimization process is very easy to implement and is able to play a very rapid optimization effect. But search engines do not like this optimization technology, generally its attitude is to blow.

Of course this blow is not for our Black Hat SEO but the site, if the site used the Black Hat SEO technology and is found by the search engine will be the site kicked out of the rankings, which for the site is not a small blow, so we choose SEO technology when it should be a lot of thinking about this, More so in reality. We should choose what kind of SEO optimization technology to ensure that the stability of our site is also to ensure that our site security? I recommend the soft text is still the optimization technology, because this technology is the Service site content how to more in line with the concept of SEO.

Now our SEO position in the network marketing is very important, and the Shenzhen Network promotion company is in time to see this, so we are now not only to provide users with a comprehensive SEO optimization technology is also able to provide a large number of soft paper supply.

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