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Today we're not going to talk about anything else.

We all know that the best way to send a link is to write a soft text, because a good soft wen, than you post in 10 forums, the effect is good, reprinted high, the site's publicity will be more convenient. But not every one will write high-quality soft wen Ah, how to do, do not worry, since we will not be able to do our best. Go back to the forum to post it.

Forum post How to do the best? Of course, to make their own posts as far as possible are included, at least can not be the moderator to refuse to delete the name of the post, the deletion of nothing, Waste Kung fu. Now generally in the forum to register an account, in the personality data to write their own text link or Web site, which has been well-known to everyone. But this effect is good, some people just for the top stickers, in almost every post to a few words, "the landlord wrote really good", top, good paste a certain top, "Thank you landlord to share" and so on a short number of words, and then is their own link signature, for the time being not to say search engine, BBS moderator see what will be the mood, Pure top post link, moderator a bad mood is likely to delete you, then you are not white busy. So when the replies, as far as possible to participate in the landlord said the topic of discussion, put forward their own views, so that will give the moderator a good impression. Search engine also does not like the short things, when the replies do not like this will be some boring things, write more points, so always good.

In addition, when the link text is not always the same, when the search engine found that your external links are from the same text link, it is likely to punish your station, no matter how often to change, website optimization is not to seize a few keywords dead link, The effect of the whole station come up that your several keywords naturally also will be affected by good, often to send your long tail keyword is also necessary. Of course, it is best not to send a link too monotonous, no one can not attract people to point to your link, purely to increase the chain does not make sense, send links of course want to bring traffic, you say yes. It's a good idea to add some seductive descriptive text (which is relevant and not recommended with erotic-_-) after the link word to have a greater chance of visiting you. Oh!

As for the validity of the link published standards, of course, is to include slightly, Yahoo outside the chain included relatively fast, we can regularly to check, to see which places included fast, which links are included, can be targeted to publish their own links. Of course, the most effective place to send links is of course your site visit the most frequent path of several places, it is your flow of the most to the background, more points of publicity, the effect will be better!

OK, also say these, say the bad place also hope everybody understanding, also can give your opinion, everybody study together!

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