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SEO this word in 2007, 2008 seems to be a special fire, especially in the second half of 2007 so far, many SEO enthusiasts launched the largest round of search engine optimization research storms, and even eventually forced Baidu and other large search engine companies to change the algorithm.

SEO, indeed, can bring some economic profits. Website is done, you want to do is to promote the nature, but how to promote it? If you are a strong financial strength of the company, but also in other media to consider some advertising input, and for individuals, can only rely on less money to do more business methods, so the natural SEO has become a lot of people to promote their own site shortcuts.

This time, you will be in the previous survey of some netizens habits and competitor analysis can be useful, you can do some of the market needs on your site, and your competitors do not pay attention to the topic to do SEO optimization, this is the famous "Baledo law" is also called "28 law."

The law of Baledo was invented by Baledo, an Italian economist, at the beginning of 19th century and 20th century. In his view, in any group of things, the most important only a small part, about 20%, the remaining 80%, although the majority, but is secondary, and therefore called the 28 law.

The 80% this time, is the market we need to dig deep. While the big market is already occupied by your competitors, you will find that the remaining 80% secondary markets do not yield as much value as 20% of the dominant market.

In other words, in the search engine, you have to do this part of the word optimization, is simply a matter of easy, 8630.html "> Sometimes some words as long as included, the rankings will not be low." For a very simple example, you have to do a rental network, and renting the word is rather hot word, want to do it Baidu index of the forefront, is definitely a very large project, at this time, you can do regional, such as "Beijing Rental", if the word competition is still very large, you will narrow the scope, do "Beijing together Rental", "Beijing Cheap and rental". If you want to make a game net. This kind of site is more, although the traffic may bring you a few dozens of IP per day, but if multiple such keywords, add up, then your site can still let more people know, this is our SEO and a variety of network marketing often mentioned in the long tail theory.

Long tail theory not only allows you to achieve a multiplier effect, and you can also find that the long tail theory to bring you the actual benefits far higher than the mainstream information.

Back to SEO optimization, SEO in the second half of the 2007 years to date after the storm-type popularization, SEO technology has completely no mystery, in the later chapters of this book, there will be a special part to explain the SEO technology, here there is no more to say. So since the SEO technology has been completely transparent, which means that these search engine algorithm (SE) omissions caused by bugs are also found by search engine developers, they are also at any time plugging loopholes, so, SEO more still need strategy and skills, not technology. Use what you are good at to compete with the weaknesses of others, this is also the search engine optimization in the "Tian Bogey horse" principle of this article by feeds.

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