SEO Company for the enterprise is really worth trusting?

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Internet development So far, SEO company has gradually become a forest has its own system: design-Build station-optimization-to promote one-stop service in the market, the basic target is that also still online down the enterprise company. About this article small C will not be aimed at any one SEO company, but objectively said SEO company advantages and defects ...


Enterprise's network operation is really worth to entrust SEO company?

Why can SEO companies rise?

SEO company can rise no doubt is the value of the Internet has been dug and all kinds of online service providers to promote, frankly speaking is a profit can be earned; The internet is a big cake, corporate bosses are also often able to use some traditional media (television, newspapers, etc.) to understand the internet has made some big rich, So also want to be under the line business development O2O This form, this is also the opportunity of SEO company, as long as a little guide to the basic customer can reach the company, mutual benefit and common win.

What kind of service will the SEO company provide?

Small companies: small number of SEO companies will not be more, they will not take any major projects, they often use the way to find foreign aid, to build stations to build the station, and then optimize their own, such a company is small studio in a touch that is broken state, need a lot of energy to maintain the status quo.

Medium-sized companies: medium-sized SEO companies will have their own technical staff, build stations, SEO will involve, form one-stop service, this shows that the total profit growth rate is also fast.

Large companies: Large SEO companies are very few, because they have their own platform, whether it is to take orders or the operation of their own products are very promising, but this company has exceeded the scope of the SEO company, they rarely pick up small single, basic have their own system, more form is training SEO, The transformation is all SEO company must do later in the strategy, why? Please continue to see ...

Common drawbacks of SEO companies

Maintenance Single Backlog

Speaking of which, it's a matter of fact. Any SEO company will have a lot of early stage of profit, have a business management or operation of SEO are aware that the Enterprise station optimization is not difficult, unpopular words are basically seconds to kill, the more hot serious do also basic Ok,seo the company's biggest drawback is the maintenance of the list. SEO is a long-term operation of the hard work (outside the chain and articles, etc.), the popular word is OK, the hot word off again on the start again, SEO has no technology to say, need to adhere to and long time maintenance. SEO companies need to be profitable, long-term backlog of maintenance will be a very hard work, the cost of natural high dare not look, this is also a very big contradiction point, that is, SEO industry price Confusion is the reason, how many seoer give up SEO to find a new way out, this is one of the reasons.

No repeat guests.

There is no repeat one reason: most SEO companies are SEO and SEO, no real user experience design, many SEO companies in order to save the cost of recruiting a large number of editors, through the article outside the chain of these simple SEO means to optimize, some gray seo company with black hat SEO, These companies cheat the target enterprise's orders, the maintenance of the basic matter does not ask, resulting in most business owners would prefer to host Alibaba and other business-to-business sites also do not want to believe that hosting SEO company promotion.

No repeat reason second: No corporate profits is also a lot of business owners of the sore, in the face of SEM or business-to-business, such as high payment form, corporate bosses in the demand for low-cost promotion, that is, SEO independent platform, build stations optimize the promotion of company products, some enterprises to make money, Most corporate companies are losing money for a year, and it's better to put in a SEM. The reason that the enterprise station has no profit: SEO level is low, the construction station system is incomplete, most of the enterprise station is the product display and assorted enterprise news, is not the marketing enterprise station, the user Service base, some enterprise station unexpectedly even contacts the way all did not have, here small C first floated not to spit the trough.

No repeat the reason for the third: Communication and trust, corporate bosses do not understand the network is not understand the SEO, holding the mentality of the water test to do business station, the Internet with awe and questioning mentality. SEO company is only to take orders, such a company is basically very easy to conflict with corporate bosses, the timing of the conflict is often the keyword delay is not the first page or no passenger traffic, these contradictions are not the reason for repeat customers, handling good business owners and customer service personnel relations, all communication will not be a problem, The development prospect of the enterprise will also rebuild the bright future.

Small C Comments: Many enterprises are in fact holding the mentality of testing water, the early communication and communication well do not overdo, cooperation will be very enjoyable. SEO Company Later maintenance This drawback has been unable to effectively solve, small c think a large number of editors to do maintenance orders, for the following reasons:

① without shunting station and other high difficulty optimization

② only need to update articles and a small number of outside chains to keep rank

③seo Optimizer can continue to create value for the company, SEO companies to take part of the incentive measures, maintenance and new single will be guaranteed.

At the same time, the company's internal staff training, especially business personnel, keyword selection of the most important, whether it is the optimization of the difficulty of the degree or the key to ensure the profitability of the enterprise, if this piece is not selected well, later to do a single or communication will be less than ... Hope that the vast number of SEO companies to attract attention in the interests of the company when it is also to create value for customers, mutual benefit is the SEO company's future development path.

The advantages of SEO Company

SEO Company's services are in fact a very good guide, is a company to test the growth of the cradle, so that is not very magical? Corporate bosses and SEO companies can learn a lot of things, so you can get rid of the third party to realize the new network marketing ideas. The normal price of SEO company is not very expensive, build station-optimization in the internet has not been a secret, the early demand SEO Company's help, the late recruitment of advanced talent are very good ideas, of course, SEO company is also a double-edged sword, with good SEO advantages will be magnified, using the bad will miss the opportunity to affect development, All the need for good SEO company is very important. Search engine marketing is not a pole to see the shadow, time and energy are the price, grasp the use of good SEO company will create value. Here little C will not be said carefully.

The internet is a hodgepodge, SEO company is also uneven, the company's future SEO companies really worthy of trust it? SEO company is a double-edged sword, enterprise companies should understand it, and the cooperation rather than entrust, and finally realize independent network marketing is the best way out. The above is small C SEO Company's personal understanding, Master please light.

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