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According to my practical experience and observed the phenomenon of some analysis and summary, I hope to share with you, and are about to learn or are learning SEO comrades are helpful.

First, Ignorant introduction

Perhaps many unfamiliar or just beginners will have this experience: SEO is very advanced, difficult to learn, technical requirements are very high.

First Contact Search engine optimization things, only know that the results of the original search can be man-made to intervene, feel very incredible, the original website, website optimization There are so many things need to learn. Later read some search engine optimization books, this time to the SEO more systematic understanding. To tell the truth when the first contact, is a bit ignorant, seems to understand and seems not quite understand is the story.

Found that a lot of people who know the SEO knowledge is basically self-study, and some may go to the lectures, or attend some of the fees of training courses, but are intermittent and not systematic learning. From well-known sites, SEO forums, expert blogs, search engine official blog to get some technical methods or the latest information content.

Suggestions: Just get started or want to learn SEO comrades first find some basic comprehensive books or online courses to learn.

Personally feel that the section, classification, and have a plan to learn the effect is good, such as the cycle of web design optimization learning, keyword optimization learning, website content optimization, site links and so gradually to understand and use.

Second, learn to become accustomed to SEO

It is easy to form a habit when one thing often lasts. Search engine Optimization related knowledge, open a website first thing, habitually see the PR value, and then look at the overall structure of the site, friendship links, as well as the frequency and content of the site update.

Observe the ranking changes after the search keyword, comparing each site to the keyword and title description. This time to get to know some SEO experts, listening to a lot of peer experts, this time also limited to constantly collecting learning materials, content to choose from the choice of keywords, how to do a good job, how to increase the site's external links and other basic theoretical knowledge.

SEO has been living, engaged in the network and IT industry people may be deeper feelings. wears, learning by accumulating, this sentence we may have heard countless times in school, recently in the collation of links to work more found to accumulate strength, the original inadvertently added so many linked sites. Really is very surprised and sigh!

Iii. Advancing in practice

When you gain a certain theoretical knowledge, you will not be satisfied with just knowing how to do it, but to do it and get the results of the experiment. Seek the desired results by exchanging links, blogging, adding original content, adding external links to the site, changing keywords and web descriptions, and more.

But always feel that do not enough, continue to blend in the major SEO sites, forums and blogs between, looking for the latest news, see the pros have no new research and experience, this time the brain began to chaos. is at a loss, inadvertently browsing the Google Blackboard Chinese blog on some articles, the idea began to clear. The purpose of the station is to serve the users, and not for the search engine services, to cater to the search engine, to meet the needs of users, this is summed up in the practice of truth.

Rational analysis, study hard and use on demand

In fact, do SEO work probably have such an idea, cheating and not cheating sometimes is horseshoes, lost thousands of miles, Baidu's this big ban may allow more SEO people to search engine optimization has a more profound and rational understanding.

The spread of white hat and black hat on the internet, suddenly associated with the beginning of the reform and opening up the popular sentence "No matter white cat black cat, catch the mouse is a good cat." Oh, if the SEO really like to catch mice, that is probably a lot of people can rest assured that the sleeping.

From the choice of keywords, site page design, the framework of the Web site frame, keywords and Web page description, site content and improve the positioning of various aspects of the start, SEO and not only to understand the principle of SEO, understand this technology, but to the technology and art, practical and beautiful again and again perfect combination, Need to mind to conceive, and carefully track every detail, this is my eyes in the SEO work.

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