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Many times stationmaster all value website article quality, outside chain quantity to the website rank influence, but neglected the website structure factor. Many search engines have put the network structure factor into the site ranking calculation category, the advantages of the site structure is now not only affect the site users browsing, but also affect the performance of the site rankings.

The website layout structure occupies the important position is the homepage page structure, a good layout will let the visitor position as the regular, the credible website. For the home page layout, pay attention to design layout color not more than 3 kinds. Too much color makes people feel less rigorous.


In the website structure navigation aspect, the enterprise website should not appear the meaningless column. such as: Company profile, sales network, human resources, corporate culture, contact information. Navigation is a simple guide to the core content of the site, not suitable for commercial information (high repeatability) of information (contact us, etc.) as a column. More favorable navigation: User communication, industry consulting. (Easy to update, but also beneficial to users) for the blog site navigation column number generally within 6. (understaffed, unable to update in time).

To the enterprise website does not upload the audit material, disables "the official" two words. This is very sensitive to Baidu, do not adapt to write casually to the title of the first page! Baidu website authentication website is

Site structure of the homepage keyword density: In fact, in the previous SEO training courses have been said, the main core keywords not more than 8 times! The new station homepage keyword more than 30, starts the ranking very good, but after a period of time, the rank is getting worse. The reason is: the new station can not very good judgment, began to give rankings. After the follow-up data analysis, found that too many keywords, belong to the optimization of excessive cheating, this is the typical new station ranking gradually decline problem.

Web site structure To disable spider traps: pictures, Flash, JS and so on.

(1) The picture is too big and too much. (slow, affect open home user experience);

(2) appeared the video, animation Flash and so on. (slow speed, affect layout);

(3) Too many calls to CSS. (Baidu cannot recognize);

(4) Use a large number of JS files. (Baidu does not crawl, the domestic Sogou crawl, JS easy to contain viruses, so do not crawl) The website program completes, must the source code, the database script packs the backup to be good. To prevent the site from being compromised and hacked to recover.

(5) Retain a large number of useless plug-ins. (Plug-ins are prone to vulnerabilities) to streamline these plug-ins, is to facilitate optimization. If not deleted, increased the burden of spiders, the other is to reduce the trust of spiders (these plug-ins have been no content updates, over time the impact of the credibility of the frequency will be reduced). Use robots to prevent crawling, and be careful to set the case directory. For example, admin, admin should be prohibited.

Site structure to do the above, the effect will be achieved as follows:

1, the spider likes, facilitates the optimization. 2, the new station to do the second collection. 3, ranking upgrade quickly!

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