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With the continuous improvement of search engines and more and more people into the field of site optimization, site optimization among the increasingly fierce competition, some Web site optimizer in order to get the list of optimization, regardless of the low price, such a situation, Often because of time and mood, and many other factors affecting the heat caused by the keyword error prediction, so that the keyword can not be in the scheduled time to reach the home page of the search engine, in this case, often caused the loss of customers and the work of the passive, therefore, It is particularly important for the website optimizer to grasp the quotation of key words and to control the optimization of the key words within a range that can be mastered.

First, a single prophase

The site optimizer before receiving the order, to see the keyword in the search engine competition, in general, to see how many of the search engine in the competition Word keywords, ranked good site type, included quantity, the number of chain and the number of Yahoo back chain, if the portal type, classification information types and Baidu Library, Baidu Encyclopedia, Government sites occupy the home page, at this time will be based on their own situation, to see if the customer specified within the period of the keyword to do search engine home page, if not, give up, for the outside chain, optimize the number of links to the site should not exceed 10000, otherwise it will lead to keyword optimization time delay

When you are talking to a customer on a website receipt, should be in line with a fair attitude, now site optimization of some sales staff, often too dare to promise, no matter how popular keyword, dare to say 20 days to Baidu home, to ensure stability, I do not know what they take to ensure the stability of keywords, especially the fierce competition in the key words, Home on 10 locations, Baidu's own products accounted for a few, may not have 10, coupled with the search engine updates and competitors to optimize, to maintain relative stability is a luxury.

Second, the middle of the order

After orders, some customers will often urge, this time to be patient with the user to explain, must not take a single after disappeared or the conversation appears impatient, you have to know, you have to be patient and serious can let the customer feel, if he felt you special serious and responsible, in time to optimize a little problem, is also very convenient to solve, More importantly, the long-term cooperation of customers will bring you a steady stream of wealth, more customers in the trust you, but also around the friends introduced to you, this will increase the site to optimize their own wealth.

Third, after the single later

As the search engine changes, and keyword competition intensifies, Web site optimizer inevitably encounter time, the keyword did not go to the Search engine home page or keyword did go up and fell down, in this case, more patience with the user communication, the emergence of this situation, will not be a single company or individual problems, But the site optimization industry in the overall face of the problem, especially those who often buy outside the chain, key words off Informer page is an unavoidable phenomenon, but your enthusiasm and positive communication can be redeemed customers.

I believe: no matter what kind of conditions, whatever the rules of the order we make, we can all get the list, only if you want to receive all the list, it is certainly impossible, therefore, in the site optimization, select specific users to pick a specific list is the site optimizer's long-term road, as if as a training agency, Can be on the homepage of the site is not much, can be a short time after K recovery is less, but, precisely seowhy do, it is not difficult to see, Seowhy's reputation is very good, almost in the Internet could not find said Seowhy is a liar's speech, recently, seowhy the appearance of the website icon, More to defend the stability of the site rankings, I think the husband must have met the difficult students, it can be seen that the ability to communicate is also extraordinary.

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