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The annual Singles Day is coming, here is a small five first wish is still a Bachelor of the webmaster, happy holiday! Although this sentence is said with a smile, but that kind of smile is a bitter smile. Stationmaster, at first sound, and TV station long, Zhan stationmaster very resemble, but the taste, only be called stationmaster people oneself know. In the Webmaster Friends Circle Chat, some people joked that "stationmaster, the life of the evil spirit Lone Star, doomed to lonely life." Of course it's just a joke. But sometimes think about, feel a bit of truth, now do Stationmaster's majority is single.

Now that China's economy is booming, it's always heard that some of the indicators this year are 18% higher than last year, but why most people's wallets are always stretched. The Chinese people's nerves, especially those of the Chinese, are being oppressed by rocket-propelled house prices. The problem of college students ' difficult employment has become a social problem, and people who rely on the internet for gold mining have sprung up. Also by these problems SEO small Five, also joined the network gold mining industry.

Now do the website, is not originally so simple. To do the preliminary work of the website includes: website page design, color collocation, program code, website post work: website promotion, website maintenance. Pre-work may be done over a period of time, but later work requires long-term work until the site is closed. If you only need to maintain a website, may be a sufficient time, but now the webmaster has a few people after a website?

Remember SEO small five in just learning SEO, as a point before the concept of SEO did not, all feel very novel, and night bubble in the above, and other webmaster chat often chat late into the evening. At first my girlfriend didn't complain too much, but occasionally complained, but I think my reason is very good: in order to make money, to live. For his girlfriend's attitude, little five is not in my heart. Until one day, small five and friends chat until 2 o'clock in the morning, girlfriend backlog of anger finally found vent (small five own guess), volcanic eruption. My girlfriend's words shocked me: Please don't use your life as a reason to hurt me.

We often have a very good reason to resist other people's questioning, but this is often the reason for the other side caused a lot of harm. As stationmaster, a lot of time every day will use in the website aspect, originally accompanies the family time to be few and few, if has the time, as far as possible reduces with the circle friend's chat time, uses these time to accompany the family to chat, even if just a short half hour. These words apply whether you are single or not. Single, accompany the family, how long did you not give home to make a phone call, or played just a few words? Not single, to accompany each other, can not because do the website really became the emperor (the emperor always called himself "").

Here is a small five to illustrate, not all webmaster are mentioned above, but we can not ignore the existence of such a situation. It is not to admonish those who want to enter the online gold rush to dispel the idea, just a well-meaning reminder, reasonable arrangement of time.

The website is important, the business is important, the relative is more important. Author: Yangzhou seo small Five, Ant Map Library ( Marketing strategy Consultant) If you want to reprint, please specify the source, thank you for your cooperation!

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