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In the 2012 to No. 2013 period, SEO this industry is experienced in the uproar, after many times by the Baidu algorithm hit, many seoer began to feel confused about SEO, but also to customer complaints feel helpless and headache. It is in this case, a lot of seoer more and more like to shirk responsibility, with a variety of excuses to avoid customers blame, I see this situation also feel quite sad, is the SEO industry really disorderly into such a?

We can all imagine if we seoer again so in order to shirk the responsibility and use an excuse to deceive customers, customers will give up your trust one day, then SEO this industry will become more depressed, therefore, I would like to expose the seoer the most common excuses, hope to let Seoer are awakened, Stop making excuses for avoiding responsibility.


Shirk The responsibility reason one: the SEO effect does not have the working time not completely

Many seoer often put the responsibility to the time is not enough, especially some just into the seoer, when the ranking dropped or stagnant and was the supervisor or customers to ask for questioning, these seoer will start to use this excuse to perfunctory customers.

In the author's eyes, this excuse is simply rotten can not be rotten, if you are a seoer, you say this sentence shows that you are not a qualified seoer, we all know that SEO work is very busy, if you are a passion for work, the work of the planned arrangement of people, You will not have enough time to do SEO, to say this excuse seoer is often a lucky psychological seoer, if you still want to push again, then I suggest you or quit SEO industry Well, this industry is not for you.

Shirking the responsibility reason 2:100 degrees refused to update I can't do that.

This excuse to shirk responsibility is also very common, that's right, we seoer really need to rely on search engine algorithm update and stability, but this is only one aspect, if we do not make efforts to update the article every day, hair outside the chain, Baidu will be so kind to let our website to the front? If so, Then I also want you to do SEO why? The author of a partner is often used in this sentence to shirk the responsibility of the rankings, and now I have not how to cooperate with him, because such a seoer to the feeling is always unreliable.

Blame three: SEO work too much, I do not know what to do good

One of the most common reasons for this kind of reason is that some novice seoer they do not understand the situation of SEO industry, think SEO entry threshold low, so on the trade rushed into the industry, the results found that the SEO completely did not imagine simple, and work more and cumbersome, so when the rankings do not go, this kind of SEO began cry: so much work , we don't know what to do! For this kind of seoer, I sincerely want to persuade a sentence, which industry is not much, which industry is not tired, why not try to change their work mentality and work plan, let the SEO work more organized? At the same time, I also advise those who want to enter the SEO industry friends , must consider clearly and beforehand understand good SEO work situation, otherwise may make the same mistake later, use the same reason to shirk the responsibility.

Shirk The responsibility reason four: seo really too boring, I have no mind to do down

This excuse in my colleagues around the author is also everywhere can hear. I sometimes ask them, why they take over the site or no rankings, they like to answer: SEO do to do to do a few things, very boring ah, I did not mind to do it, so let the site to fend for themselves! This reason and reason two, is also a mentality problem caused, that is impetuous and dependence. For this reason to find the seoer, I do not want to use what the truth persuasion, just provide two road: First, quit the SEO industry; second, change mentality, bring up the enthusiasm for SEO.

Shirk the responsibility of the reason is the author to do SEO has heard, in fact, I think, a good seoer not only lies in the technology more so excellent, how rich resources, but also in this seoer whether have a sense of responsibility, dare to bear. We can not guess what Baidu next to do, but we want to be clear, we are a professional seoer, our responsibility is to let the site rise, all the other is a cloud! So, from now on, Seoer awakening it, stop trying to evade responsibility and find excuses! This article specially for Xuanwu Hospital appointment registration Http:// Feeds, hoped that the reprint friend adds a link, thanks everybody support!

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