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As the world's most popular blog template WordPress, its biggest advantage is that users can add plug-ins according to their needs, reasonable use of some plug-ins can make Web site optimization with less effort. Today touched for everyone to dedicate a few plug-ins to help wordpress template seo.

1.WP No Category Base

Standard wordpress Classification Directory URL contains "category", and for the site, each category may be our important ranking page, this URL manifestation, not only affect the visual, SEO is not so friendly. and WP no category base plug-ins can be removed from the WordPress site URL category, also deeply loved by everyone.

2.Pinyin seo (Pinyin seo)

Very happy, this is a Chinese development of plug-ins, and very successful. Most plug-ins in the Chinese translation of the English URL, only take into account the article page, and did not take into account the label page, so many blog tags page URL are garbled. and Pinyin SEO considered this problem perfectly, the URL of the label page also gives a very refreshing feeling.

3.Random Pages Widget

Random article Plug-ins, for lazy to update the blog, is a very good plug-in, he can let spiders crawl into the page every time to see a different page. More importantly, our very old page also has the opportunity to show it here. is to control the weight of the site transfer very good plug-ins. After installing this plugin, drag the random pages widget to the right in the appearance gadget. Set the page you want to display.


4.WP Keyword Link

Automatic link plug-ins, we have each article manually to add a link is very difficult, especially when necessary, we need to modify some of the old pages to link to the new page. This could be a very tedious process. But with this automatic link plug-in, we will keyword and link to the page set up, as long as the article appears this keyword, will automatically link to the corresponding page.

Four more commonly used plug-ins, plug-ins will affect the impact of the speed of WordPress, these plug-ins are touched for many years SEO experience to collect, basic each blog will be used to share to everyone. Search the search engine, are better to find the download address. Can not find words to contact QQ 1272408710, I pass to you.

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