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I believe that for each webmaster, more or less their own site have experienced the right to fall stage. The author is now, in the last update period, the author worked hard for half a year of the site look fall and fall, the mood is very sad, but after all happened, or to adjust the state to solve, because the recovery is a learning process, the following I share with you the site is k from analysis to solve a process, method.

(a) rapid analysis of the site by K

1, because the site is K before the ranking has been quite stable, so I first think about what I have done this time, the first reaction is to modify the title of the site title, we all know that the title is like the portal of the site, every time the changes need to search engines to recognize, audit. So that the change of title is undoubtedly caused by the site is one of the important factors of k, so I once again proposed that the webmaster is not a last resort to change the title, but also called on the novice webmaster before doing the station must give their website title keyword a reasonable positioning.

2, site content is original, because the first time I update the site has been adhering to the original, pseudo original method, so in the same kind of site content is more outstanding, so the ranking all the way sublimation, and then to the later, the author began to make lazy, after all, ranked, so start most of the content directly copy other sites, Not to modify, time, from the content of the collection, the content of the reason is undoubtedly caused by K of the site is a potentially long factor.

3, significantly modify the site template. As we all know, a search engine knows that a site is known from its HTML code, however, each of our changes will make spiders and search engines to understand again, and then in the assessment, so that modify the template on the site ranking is also influential, especially the template often modify the site, it will make the search engine generated disgust, a long time , k you must be sure of that.

4, the website of the server is not stable, according to the author from many successful site summary found that a successful ranking of stable webmaster have a stable and fast server as a support. Why do you say that? We can imagine, if a person's site is often not open, when spiders crawl your site will not go, so naturally can not record your site is updated, and then caused the snapshot is not normal, the content is not included, time for a while, spiders repeatedly climb not to go in, Then you will directly set up your site as a site of distrust, which led to the right to be k down, or even pull hair, so if a webmaster want to do a successful site, then must not buckle on the server cable.

5, regularly for the site to check friends chain, in case the link is linked to the friendship, the author is very often experience, so I call the webmaster best can check the friend chain every day, and immediately to find some abnormal friends chain, and then remove, so as not to cause unnecessary impact on their own website.

(b) How to see if the site is k?

To the author's website QQ Mood Xuan For example, at that time found that the site was K, first can site site to their own website, to see whether their home page in a, keyword ranking is still in, if not that is k or down right. In addition, from the site's collection, the snapshot is normal, there are logs from the server backstage to see if spiders crawling in their own web site, from these can accurately determine whether their site is K or down right.

(c) The face of the site by K, how can we solve?

1, first, the site is K, we have a large number of sites for their own to increase the quality of original content, so better to attract spiders, after all, we all know that spiders are very popular in the original content, but not that you send a few days original content can be restored, not impatient, because everything is a process, So we have to be able to adhere to the end of the faith.

2, for their own site to increase the quality of the chain, do not use a number of mass software. Here the author is highly respected outside the chain is a blog, high weight forum, question and answer platform, as well as the soft text of the way, these several ways of the external chain relative to others is absolutely high quality, but also very popular search engine favor.

3, check the friend chain, some abnormal friends chain and their own web site industry unrelated site links removed, and then you can find some good friends around to bring their own site, if there are funds webmaster may also consider to buy some high weight portal links, so better and faster to restore the site


4, persistent belief, perseverance to do the above three years, do not change the title, template, the release of garbage content.

Summary: In fact, the site is k, quite common, not particularly terrible, as long as you have a good mentality, perseverance, I believe you can also be as quick as the author to restore the weight of the site, so as to get a good site rankings. Well, today I will share with you here, I hope to help you webmaster. This article by Artistic conception Xuan Stationmaster original, welcome reprint, reprint Please indicate source, respect original!

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