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Previously written about external links, how to find external links, it is really difficult, I concentrated on a number of methods and my views.

New station just built, do not recommend direct to find external links, because you are new station, all aspects are very immature, simple to find links is not a way. So first focus on the content of the site is better.

Reference: Link strategy for new station

Good strategy

1. Link bait. Mainly write a number of high-value articles to let other webmaster to reprint, write the copyright statement and the source of this article. This can effectively improve the number of links, and quality is not discounted.

2, links. Use of links to increase external links to the site is not a good way, because generally you will not be willing to and some of the quality of the site exchange links, the same people do not want to have a good site and your site exchange links. But you can try the attitude to the other side to write an e-mail, attitude to the point, not too long, polite to explain their own purpose and profile their own website, and finally add a sentence "If you feel that the link will bring you a trap, please tell, thank you!" ", people under the eaves, have to bow, attitude is very important."

3. Add Category catalogue. Very important.

4, Resources link, there is nothing to say. Refer to this URL:

5. Copyright link. Make a website or blog template, plus copyright and your own links.

6. Technical links. It's about the same as above. Make some templates, pictures, modify the original program submitted to the major source stations, plus the main station link.

7, send a newsletter link.

8, the net picks, the Dig Type website link.

Controversial strategy

1, blog Comments link.

2, Trackback (trackbacks) link.

3, forum, message this link.

4. Buy links.

In fact, out of excellent site content, simply to find outside the chain is indeed very difficult, so the value of the site is to increase the basis of the chain, is not a good way to achieve results.

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