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Website traffic has been down for two weeks, from a steady 4,000 IP down to now more than 1000. For two weeks I have been rethinking the reason, trying to restore the site to normal levels, until today to see all the keywords have returned to normal traffic is gradually recovering just feel some comfort, now will QQT6 space Station flow down and restore the process to share, I hope to help you.

Check 1: Hang the horse

At the very beginning, I thought it was the same as last time, because I had a website before the end of the death of the horse, when this station traffic drop I first time check the site all the easy to hang the horse place, the results found that the site is very safe, not hung horse. Here recommend Check website Hang Horse website:

Check 2: Outside the chain

Since the site has not been hung horse, I was thinking is not outside the chain out of the problem? Check out the chain after the show found a station snapshot has been stuck on August 6, the site or the daily update, the keyword ranking has not dropped, this link has not been removed, but removed a collection from hundreds of to dozens of of the chain. In recent days, I have registered a blog in more than 10 places to add a connection, but also in some forums issued more than 10 signed replies, and so on, is not these places out of the problem? Some of the articles that have not been included with the outside chain are removed.

Check 3: Server

I used to have a station how to do all IP is not up, in my space is about to expire when trying to give up, a friend said to give up too bad, the station moved to his server. Think of oneself also think is to transfer the space, or a week update several times, period and not too pay attention to this station, until one months later found added hundreds of times times, IP also rose to thousands of to feel before what is the problem? After checking, the original space under the IP station many garbage stations and K site.

Check 4: Quality

The flow has been stable before why suddenly fell down? In addition to continuing the previous update time, the number of updates, you pay attention to the quality of the new article? My QQT6 space station is more than 10 pieces of original original and one or two articles that are so updated every day, Can query the previous period of time to update their own methods found that some of the content from typesetting to content is not too high, the readability of visitors greatly reduced, so these places immediately modified to add. In the quality of the time do not know whether you are concerned about the quality of the template, page deformation, CSS and other issues, some details of the improvement, the search for more friendly.

In fact, through the above four points of inspection my station has been restored to come over, anything is a reason, may be my stand out of several of the most easy to come out of the problem, I used to do the site when the problems are here to explain, I hope to webmaster friends help.

Check 5: Revision, change space

New station revision words are most likely to die directly, I have always used the method is the site to do after the local layout to modify, and strive to make the layout more simple and tidy, visitors can quickly find content, so the spider is not very unfamiliar to this station, if you really want all pages are the best way to revise the site has a strong weight, This high weight station is easy to recover. Replacement space and the same as the revision, the occasional replacement weight may not disappear, if frequent replacement, the site may take several months to recover.

Check 6: Optimization over

Optimization when the most need to check the place, the first to check the purchase of a connection or a group of outside the chain, etc., the number of connections suddenly up and down on a website does not have any benefits, unless you are high weight stations such as A5. Second, to pay attention to their own update site when there are problems such as excessive accumulation of keywords.

Check 7: Internal causes

A web site traffic down there are many reasons, in addition to looking for external reasons, but also need more to find their own reasons, methods to find, solve the problem, a webmaster may have greater progress.

This article by QQT6 Space Station original, reprint please indicate the source!

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