Some of the most taboo problems in building a website

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Often on the site to see someone say do not know what site to build money? I feel like this kind of question as a child asks mom how does it feel to grow up? Oneself slowly experience the nature not to be clear, very childish question! Actually do not know what to build a website to make money is not a problem you need to pay special attention to now, Because you are more than those who are playing online games in Internet cafes, you have been very good, because you have at least a territory on the Internet, have a success, when your site has traffic to show that you have some achievements, do not know whether you agree with my opinion?

OK, now to talk about the most taboo to build a website a few questions:

1, the construction website Taboo One: follows the bandwagon

The most obvious type of Web site is Taobao Guest site, this kind of site is really hot Ah! When I joined the webmaster Network of a group of technical exchanges, did not expect 80% of people do Taobao guest site, at that time looking at the group of so many brothers do Taobao guest site, everywhere to ask what web procedures good, what Amoy Dongdong, woven dream Taobao Guest, 114la ... There is also a very special site is dedicated to collect Taobao guest question-and-answer Web site, very special, I think do the site need to have that spirit, he does not do Taobao guest site, but as Taobao customer Service site, in line with the spirit of service, I think his website traffic is absolutely good!

2, the construction website Taboo Two: only wants to make money

Remember when the Internet was very early to see a lot of websites have Google ads, at that time do not know those ads, so point, but click to find all the content of the site is unrelated to the ads, immediately closed, do not know what to do these ads, really can bring the hands of advertisers you, and Google's advertising style is very beautiful, Inserting ads on a website is simply pollution, some sites are flooded with Google ads, how to feel ruthless, wasting the time of the browser, for those a few points on the closed page, what is the meaning, although others clicked on your site ads you will have a few cents income, But you're going to lose a user who goes into your site, they first enter your site, but will not be the second time to patronize your site, so, build a site or less advertising, add some useful content to the site users, do not hold a mind to more ads, the more revenue ideas, This will only let your site into the dead pool!!

3, the construction website Taboo three: character

Start to hear a word on the Internet: Build a website also want character! At that time did not care, but, but my site on the line, a lot of people gave comments and suggestions on the development of my website really have a lot of help, so I one of the add for QQ friends, until now my site has a few strange friends, They give me a lot of good advice, I also in peacetime chat to help them solve some computer, learning life problems. In short, human nature is good, you are good to others, others will be happy to you! can say that they promote the rapid progress of my site, I really want to thank these good friends, and recently the whole forum, but also the victory invited them to do my forum, the moderator, they are also very happy, in fact, do the site also need character, really need a good character!

If you take into account the above several questions, I think your website will also flow greatly increase! Reprint Please specify the source: ke net thank you!

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