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The author in A5 share an article about Baidu frequent algorithm update, seoer do not upgrade late, of course, as a person, who do not want to quickly upgrade, who do not want to be Baidu's favor, Baidu launched the "Talk about the original thing" after, may be a lot of seoer began to shrink, think is to say goodbye to Baidu? , that is not necessarily, I think, if you really do SEO people will be summed up his own SEO routines, seo this industry is inseparable from the content of this product, you do the site, no content who look, not fresh, who, but as Seoer will be exposed to many of the industry SEO list, Then may need to spend a lot of time to understand, but also may squeeze the scalp, want to write a few of the so-called original article out, of course, if you are good writing, that is another matter. Then here, the author is not what Advanced seoer, a look at the writing is known, just a brief share of their own practice in a little personal summary, in order to allow the site to stay active every day to so few original content or is necessary, then how to produce a favorable site SEO content?

The author of this production of the original way classified as Four points: to find, change, combined, made. Find, change, and close inside also need to have a skill is screening.


As a seoer, if the first is to learn to find their own to optimize the key words related content, how to find? Baidu like to have something fresh, and then take those old old couched, presumably he does not like, users will not like, no matter what industry, users, if needed, Of course, the first to focus on the network on the industry news, then you can start every day from this point to find, for example, through Baidu News (, Google News (, etc., There are many other tools, of course, such as QQ space, or a well-known industry information forum, why to mention the two major search engines above the news to search, because can through the two major search recommended content must be authoritative and article writing should be very official, used up will be more official, Will not let your article content lower level, also can improve to some extent reader to the website Trust degree. Of course there are many ways to olives, and I just mention several of them. For example, I do water purifier This industry word, will use the relevant words to search for related news or information, or promote brand information. But the old thing said above means more time-sensitive news, if the word to help the brand, you can use the new content you want to write, of course, looking for more than just looking for a content so simple, should learn to filter out a few of the relevant content of a relatively large listed in a document, why do this, This is the one mentioned later.




When you find the right content, you change it, how to change, of course, you can not completely copy the contents of the inside, but also through their own polishing, do not say that you do not have the skills, as a seoer, basic editing ability or to have it, if not, that can only say that your station optimization skills are general, Because you have to consider the layout of the keyword, how to distribute the key words, what position to reflect the keyword, how to appear more natural, said digress, always, is to change the time you want to optimize the key words to the layout, how to put, how to appear natural, these things should be taken into account, and then do the content of the deletion, Irrelevant content as far as possible discard, even if the content is again attractive, if and you want to promote the thing without half a dime relationship, keep only may let your article become Sibuxiang, do not know what you want to express. Also mention is to understand the screening, you have to sift out with your products can directly produce the relationship of words, can produce a driving value. Concrete how to do, because the industry too much, do not elaborate, everyone's understanding and experience different, different needs, specific problems or specific analysis.


When it comes to combining, you are putting your revised articles together in a targeted way, why should be targeted, because in the final analysis, these content you are to show to the potential customers to see, then why do you show to the user, I do not say, we all understand, not to enhance your brand influence, is to improve your conversion order rate, Here I mean the industry station, if it is fun, you can not see this article, you buy a domain name do not money Ah, hang a space do not money ah, can not be kept in vain, this is you open the network to make money for a door, keep the waste is not as good as serious, Maybe it will increase your brand influence and bring you a handsome income, said far, back to "close" This topic, how to "close", I have seen a micro-blog on the previous content is about how to produce conversion rate, and share with you, you can use this idea to learn from the current industry trends, Direction--highlighting the characteristics of the product--highlight the product price advantage--Why use this product, to work out what problems--no need to do--or "Ask questions--products to solve problems--price advantage--if you don't need to", remember to mention that you have to use the word "no" This point, the role is to stimulate customers, to produce counseling, thus the depth stimulation, produces the conversion rate, such combination content effect can play to be better, you as the profession website Seoer, still wants from the website basic localization, you want to write to what crowd to look, this kind of crowd will ask what type of question, this in your preliminary preparation "to seek "Should be categorized, so that you" find "also more purposeful. But to see here, the author is half the success.


Finally this "build", he is to find, change, together the last built, after the creation, on the formation of a new original content, before making, you must also consider the overall framework of the article, like the "hop" inside said, if not skilled, you can spend more time to "find" the link to do, the following can be followed by "" Inside the idea to filter, screening out these articles, is to add or subtract unnecessary content, insert the key words need to optimize, finally made such a more official, but also targeted content.

Not to encourage the use of this method, then no one to innovate, always take these content used to use and will not be innovative, but also occasionally in the brain when the words are poor to use, after all, too many similar, Baidu is not silly, just said that the combination out very appropriate, but also to the user may try to help, may be useful to some people, some people feel useless, this article is just a personal point of view, I hope that there is no certain original foundation of the Seoer played a certain help, welcome to exchange.

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