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2009 Google PR First update is coming, each update will be someone PR elevated, someone down. So summarize some of the platitudes about avoiding PR decline:

1, the quality and relevance of the chain

Try to avoid with PR and their site is too far from the site to do links, this is to do the general principle of friendship links. But of course, I will have a little reservation, as long as I think the content of the other site is worth me to do links, in addition to cheating site, I would like to link. In addition, the content of relevance is also very important, such as the site is E-commerce, network Marketing, Internet, web2.0. I usually link with these sites. Perhaps, you will find my site there are so many with my blog theme does not matter, hehe! In fact, nothing, that is a friend! So don't care.

2, the number of outside the chain of home page

I remember the moonlight once wrote an article blog Friendship link risk and avoid said, friendship links do not exceed 50, if you have to more than the use of nofollow properties or use JavaScript form, otherwise easily be the search engine that is linked to the factory to downgrade or punish. At the same time, the number of links on the home page is best not more than 20.

3, Original

Original works often receive the attention of Google, even if not original, at least pseudo original.

4, update diligent

Often updated, search engines will often patronize. A Web page snapshot is updated daily. Adhere to the update is the most fundamental way, these months I almost daily update, of course, if my chain quality higher than now is not 2.

5, using Google Analytics and Google webmaster Tool

Many reports from analytics and Webmaster tool directly reflect the user experience and the degree of link optimization. Let Google's services personally check your site, indicating that you have enough confidence to prove that your site is for the user Service.

6, avoid and cheat site do link

This is clear to everyone.

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